Love, Tale
106 pitch black...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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106 pitch black...

Precious looked at the clock on the wall for what seemed liked the hundredth time. It was getting dark outside and Tale wasn't back home yet. Her phone was switched off and she had no means of checking up on her. It was getting pitch black outside and Precious was tired of pacing and worrying so she called who she knew she needed right this moment.

"Hello," Woo Jin picked after the third ring..

"Hello. I need your help."

"Talk to me."

"Tale went out earlier today and she's not back yet, I can't reach her and she's out alone. I don't know what to do." She went ahead to narrate the rest of the situation to Woo Jin.

"Where do you know she goes to clear her head?"

"At some place with a strange looking stream."

"I'm home and got nothing to do at the moment, I'd come pick you up and we go together."

"Do I call Su Yan?"

"No, he had a bad work day and needs his rest."

Much later that night woo Jin parked his car at the spot Precious told him to.

"We have to walk the rest of the way." Precious said unlocking her seatbelt. She appreciated the fact that Woo Jin made the situation calmer. He looked certain that everything was alright with Tale and some of that robbed off on her.

Woo Jin secured the car and followed suit with a torch light. "I know it almost seem like we are avoiding what is happening between us."

"Precious turned back to look at him. "What about it?"

"Well, are we moving forward with it or not?" Woo Jin asked. He wanted her to stop worrying about Tale and it worked.

Precious stopped and turned to him. "I want you, and I think you do too but right now, I have my thoughts all messed up and I can't help but wake each day with worry." she was honest he'd give her that.

Woo Jin held her shoulder. "You are going to be okay."

"Like the old saying goes, it isn't over until it is over." She moved closer to him. "Whatever this is, we are definitely seeing it through. I will."

"Ok, let's go find your tiny friend."

Precious smiled walking behind Woo Jin now. "You're right she is tiny."

They got to the edge of the hill and Woo Jin used the torch her held to look around.

"Tale!" Precious yelled. "Where could she be? I see nothing."

"Over here!!!" Tale yelled back once she recognized the voices.

They followed the sound of her voice to see her hanging off the middle of a palm tree on the edge of the cliff overlooking the stream below.

"What in god's name are you doing up on that tree?" Precious asked in utter disbelief and amusement.

"Wow." was all Woo Jin could say.

"I taught it was going to be a beautiful sight," Tale replied. "Hi Woo Jin."

"You are something," Woo Jin pointed out.

"Get down!" Precious commanded after having a good laugh.

"Fun story, I can't do that and the reason is well coz it turns out that if I move the tree shakes and not to sound dramatic but it looks like it's about to pull out from the roots."

"The water from the ground makes the ground soft, any weight on the tree can cause it to fall." Woo Jin added.

"I can see that."

"You two just talk and catch up; you know I'm just going to keep on hanging out here with this wonderful tree," Tale added.

"Why did you climb it?" Woo Jin asked.

"Well it turns out that beautiful photos on the internet don't match reality as much as we like it to."
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Precious laughed harder then, " Wait hold on. Before we bring her down I have to do this," She got out her phone camera to take pictures. "Make sure you smile, you'll thank me later."

"Don't do that! Woo Jin stop her. Don't you dare."

Precious ignored all her pleas as took pictures. Tale complied immediately making different faces while still holding on tight to the tree.

"Are the two of you done?" Woo Jin asked

"What do we do though; the only way she can get down is if she moves."

"And that's what she will do."


"Yeah how!" Tale asked.

"Trust me. I wouldn't hurt her and you know it."

"Aw, how sweet." Precious smiled.

He walked closer to the edge of the cliff and bent down. "Tale?


"I want you to try your best to stay calm OK, no movement till I say so."

Tale studied his face and saw he was a bit worried about getting her down. "You do know I am enjoying this right, a little scared but the sight of the stream from here is beautiful." She spoke so only he could hear her. Woo Jin looked down properly this time and couldn't agree more. It was a strange thing to see but it was beautiful.

Su Yan was one lucky duck he thought; Tale was what he needed in his life, and who he needed as a friend. She easily made them appreciate the little things easily taken for granted. She wasn't just part of the picture anymore; she was the entire thing in a small beautiful body.

He nodded as he smiled before standing up. Ok, she was calmer than he thought she would be.

"Let's go."

"I thought that wasn't going to end" Precious remarked


Precious turned red under the moonlight. "No!... No I'm not."

He climbed down the little stairs Tale had made and Precious followed suit, the stairs were losing their form but they were still good.

"Good, let's do this." Woo Jin was pumped.

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    《Love, Tale》