Love, Tale
103 cashew nu
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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103 cashew nu

...Tale knew it was time to call it a night


Su Yan decided best not to bug his friend about his actions with Precious; if it was serious he would have known about it. he just hoped Precious knew what it was she was getting herself into.

It was now two weeks of doing nothing, she woke each day knowing that that day was going to be different from the day before; Tale felt happy that she was capable of functioning without a plan and living in the moment.

Su yan had made it his duty to spend time with her every evening after the close of work for him and she appreciated it so much, he made her evenings fun and she in return wanted to do something nice for him but for a week nothing came to mind, she thought of getting him a suit but she had never shopped for a man in her entire life and was sure she would get it wrong. A date was a little bit on the nose.

When she had finally pivoted and asked her best friend for advice on her dilemma, she had been reminded to not date a guy who had everything. That's when it clicked though, most times with people that have everything, the simplest of things can touch them in ways you wouldn't expect.

"Where's the party at?" Precious walked into the kitchen to see cartons of cold drinks and water as well a big flask of bite size puff-puff, fish rolls and egg-rolls. Tale was right in the middle counting and packing.

"At the construction site, wanna come?"

"I don't know, its hot outside. Why are you going there?"

"To give them water or soft drinks and something to chew on," she pointed to the flask. "You should come along; you have never visited the site before."

"I see it on the news." Precious picked up two puff puff with her hands.

"Be in the news. And keep your hands away from that." Tale warned.

"These puff puff are delicious so I'd tag along for them."

"Lucky me."

Tale prayed they hadn't called break time at the site already. She wanted it to be a surprise and when she had tried to find out what time they called break, Su Yan had not been forth coming. So she picked the time when the sun was at its highest.

"Why did you hire a van?" Precious asked after she had to squeeze in to the front seat with Tale.

"It has a cooler in the back, plus I thought it will be funny and cool to pull up in a van."

"You are so lame," Precious rolled her eyes.

"Oh believe me, I know." Tale kept her hand outside the van window trying to look like an actual water delivery person.

Once Tale sighted Su Yan, she got out her multicolored clown horn she had bought just for this moment to blow it loud. He had dirt on his shirt and she had to remember to tell him that wearing white to a building site was a real bad idea.

"What are you doing with that?" Precious asked

"What do you think?" When the van got close enough for her to be heard, she blew the horn trying her best to mimic the tune of an ice cream truck. Everyone turned to her direction, some with a frown on their face because the last thing they needed under the heat of the sun and noise on grounds was additional noise. Without shame she got down from the van once it stopped before Precious could stop her and continued with her little task.

Su Yan looked up annoyed at the noise but that feeling died quickly when he noticed who was making it. What was she doing here? With a clown horn…and a van? Yep, that was his girlfriend alright and he more than anyone else was happy to see her. A quick smile formed on his lips as he walked towards her direction.

"Hey you." she said happily.

He kissed the top of her head. "What is happening?"

"Nothing, is it break time yet?"

"In ten minutes it will be but I don't mind calling it now. Hi Precious."

"Finally he acknowledges me. Hey Bob."

Su Yan walked to the opened door of the van and pulled Precious into a hug. "You got dirt on you, why… somebody help!"

He finally released her smiling even wider. "You are welcome."

"I need a vacation from you and your crazy girlfriend."

Tale finished laughing at the scene before speaking. "So I got you something."

"The van?" Su Yan sounded like he wanted it to be the van.

"What? No… come with me," she led the way to the back of the van as the driver helped her open it up. "Tadaaaa!!!"

Su Yan was distracted by her enthusiasm he didn't get it at first.

"Look," she turned his face to the van. She quickly climbed in and dragged the first flask of small chops towards him. She was pulling the second out before he stopped her.

"What are you doing? Your back is the size of a cashew nut." Su Yan carried her down before she made any argument because she was going to. He gave a signal to the driver to get the rest.

"I got you and your crew members something to snack on for your break." She announced.

"Wow, why?"

"Why? On earth we say thank you," she blew the horn in his face.

"No," he took her weapon from her before she took his ear drums. "I meant why did you go through all this trouble."

"Yeah it was no trouble at all, I had a caterer do it all and I even learned a few new kitchen tricks along the way…"

"You so are cute." he said sincerely.
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She gave him a big hug. "I know I am."

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    《Love, Tale》