Love, Tale
102 lipstick.
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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102 lipstick.

"He does."

Precious came out of the toilet stall to adjust her skirt before heading to the sink to wash her hands. She smiled at herself in the mirror hanging above the bowl for a moment. Tonight was well needed, after weeks of worrying and nightmares.

"Plus I get to see Woo Jin again; he's really cute isn't he? And he seemed really warm tonight. " she asked herself out loud in the mirror before laughing at her foolishness.

She heard the door open and close but when she heard the lock turn she was alarmed. She let her fear get the best of her as she ran into a toilet stall and locked it.

"Precious? It was Woo Jin.

"Woo Jin?" She asked her to be sure.

"Yes," He answered her. She came out of the stall frowning. She walked straight to him punching him in the chest. "You scared me."

"I'm sorry."
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"What in gods name are you doing here?"

"This," his mouth settled over hers like a flash fire, demanding and she gave back.

This time around Woo Jin kissed her like he missed her; this wasn't a run-of-the-mill make out session so she kissed him back.

Precious raised her hands to his shoulder making it easier for him to move his hands around which he did. His hands covered her breast and her response was his reward. He carried her to a marble top after the sink and placed her gently on it to be able to touch more of her. Precious moved her hands from his shoulder to his body and would have liked if no clothes was in between them, the man felt like but now wasn't the right time to demand that much so she held his hand when he moved from her breast downward. He was everywhere; she could swear he had more than two hands.

"Wait. We can't…not here. And also—"

He kissed her again interrupting her from talking and once more she melted.

"—Woo Jin?" she broke the kiss again.

Woo Jin regretfully raised his head to stare at her. She was right, this wasn't the right time or place. Now he was sure they both wanted each other, he just hoped he didn't go crazy before it finally happened.

"Ok, you are right it isn't."

"Plus they will be looking for us sooner or later." Precious reminded him.

He gave a half felt smile as he brought her down from the sink he kept her. "I'm sorry."

"Not at all," she adjusted her skirt and arranged her hair in place. "See you out there," She pulled him close to her dropping a quick kiss on his lips before finally leaving.

Su Yan was helping Tale battle her fear of heights a little by drawing her close to the railing of the rooftop. It was a beautiful view down below and he wanted her to get to see it in all of its glory.

"You know, I can goggle pictures of the city at night and still be fascinated by it." Tale half argued as she tried to free her hand from his grip.

"No you can't, come on. You know you want to."

"No I don't want to, common please. I'd buy you a lollipop on the way home if you don't make me."

All her plea fell on deaf ears as he easily accomplished his goal due to her size. When she closed her eyes and gave him a really tight hug as he got her close briefly he forgot what he was meant to do. That scent, that beautiful scent of her. He reciprocated her actions placing his hands on her back and waist. "Open your eyes."

"No," she shook her head against his chest to make her point.

"Do it for me, ok."

"Fine! You owe me though."

She opened one eye first then the second after a few seconds all the while holding on tight to Su Yan. "You are right, it is beautiful." She admitted.

"Now who owes who?"

"You still owe me big guy."

"Can I pay with a kiss?" He felt her tense up a bit before relaxing.

"Depends, are you good?" She replied not looking away from the city lights.

What a tease he thought. "Why don't you find out?" He swirled her away from the railing so he backed it and she was facing him.

"Why did you do that?"

"I wouldn't want you to float of the building when I eventually get to kiss you."


"Yep, I'm that good."

Tale smiled and gnawed at her lower lip. "Bring it in big guy."

"You two cut it out." Precious walked in on them when they were few breathes apart.

"You took so long." Tale replied dropping to her normal height.

"Well, I guess I had too much to eat." Precious said in a rush.

"I warned you."

"That's enough about me, what's next on your plans?"

"Nothing, we were waiting on you and Woo Jin to get out so we could get going.

"Great, let's go."

"Are you okay?" Su Yan asked this time around. Precious seemed jumpy even for her.

"You two should stop pestering."

"We really don't care." Tale folded her hands across her chest. "Do we babe?" she asked Su Yan.

"Not one bit." Su Yan replied as he helped Tale with her jacket.

"You two suck." Precious picked up her bag and one of the bags holding deserts to go.

"We won." Tale announced.

"Yep," Su Yan held out his hand for a fist bump which Tale complied smiling.

"What about Woo Jin?"

"He's an old man. He'd meet us downstairs."

Tale picked up her bags before walking hand in hand with Su Yan.

He took both bags from her because she would never ask, he knew. "This was a wonderful night and I'm really happy for you."

"Thanks chicken." Su Yan kissed the top of her head as they entered the lift going down.

Woo Jin was happy they had left him to come down at his own time. By the time the lift touched the first floor he was settled.

Su Yan was waiting for him while Tale and Precious were taking pictures and having the time of their lives making ugly faces to the camera.

"What?" Woo Jin asked Su Yan who had stopped him.

Su Yan cleaned the side of his friends mouth with the little white handkerchief he got out from his overcoat. "Lipstick."

"Su Yan common, come take pictures with me," Tale happily dragged him away to do her bidding. Over fifty pictures later, from the beautiful reception of the presidential to the grand entrance and the parking lot, Tale knew it was time to call it a night.

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    《Love, Tale》