Love, Tale
101 not the coolest...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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101 not the coolest...

"Wanna go halfsies with me?"

"Yes!" Tale answered Su Yan like she's been waiting on him to ask her that question since the food was served.

The taste of the food was exquisite. If only she could book a class with Chef Ayo to learn how to cook better, she would have loved that so much.

It was easy how they floated from talking about to Tales newly found freedom to childhood memories of what they all thought they were going to be when they grew up.

"I didn't think I was allowed to think for myself what I wanted to do, just get a good education then join in the family business." Su Yan replied.

"I thought I was going to be a doctor. But the science students in my secondary school were mean so I went for my second choice." Precious contributed.

"Yeah we all have that, I use to get bullied a lot back in high school too." Su Yan remised.

"No way, I thought you were always untouchable," Tale replied with surprise.

"Getting beat up can happen to anyone, mostly to the skinny small kid everyone thinks they can outshine which he was," Woo Jin added.

"You are lying." Tale took a sip of her wine.

Su Yan held up his hand like he was going to sign an oath. "I was not the coolest kid in school then."

"Yeah, he looked like a human chicken wing. Intelligent but still small."

"I don't call him chicken for nothing." Tale said proudly. Su Yan winked at her.

"What steroid filled pills did you take?" Precious finally gave herself a break from eating.

"None, stop being a hater."

"He went abroad and came back looking like he lived in a gym," Woo Jin replied for him

"You forced me to go remember?"

"You are very welcome."

"You two are really always together?" Precious asked

"Not by choice—" Su Yan began

"Ignore him, he loves me and couldn't live without me," Woo Jin joked

"Our parents always paired us together." Su Yan continued. "Same school and then some. If it helps I really didn't like him," Woo Jin nodded in agreement. "But then he saved my ass a lot and we found a common ground."

"You always seem like a thug. A well-mannered thug but still a thug." Tale finally said like shes been waiting for a day to tell Woo Jin that.

"I wish I can take offense in that but that is basically what my family business is built on. I started learning how to kick ass since I was five."

"He's kidding, right?" Tale asked Su Yan while still staring at Woo Jin like he just dropped from space.
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"No. He's not" Su Yan answered with a straight face before finishing off his drink.

"My great grandfather was great at protecting himself and the ones he cared about, with no proper training he had amazing fighting skills, or so I was told." Woo Jin opened up as the two ladies listened with interest. "But without training he simply beat the shit out of people that crossed him and when you are doing it on an empty stomach you sometimes become frustrated and take it out on people in a wrong way."

"So what happened?"

"I guess he got tired of being poor. One thing led to another, he started to train people on his skills and soon my grandmother, his daughter who picked up a few things herself, turned it into an empire built on same purpose her father had but better and fancier.

"Wow, that is a better story than you and I combined will ever have," Tale said with pure amusement.

"I know right," Precious picked up her glass. "I know nothing of my great grandparents, not to mention my grandfather was a farmer and not in the big way at all. He made my father work farm hours after school every day."

"Mine was a washman or as they call it these days a dry cleaner." Tale added still staring at Woo Jin oddly. "He always made sure I was neatly dressed at all times to represent and I smelled like detergent too on most days, my mum would spank me anytime I got dirt on my clothes just because," Tale paused for a laugh. "But it was actually nice while he was alive."

"I feel you girl, Cheers to that," Precious raised her glass to Tale's empty one.

Woo Jin allowed a smile to form on his lips and reach deep down. He looked at his friend who had equally raised his own glass to the toast precious had called.

"I have to go take a much needed break," Precious stood up to leave to the bathroom. "Excuse me not."

Tale nodded. "No desert for you, you've had enough," she smiled at her.

Precious threw her friend the finger before leaving.

Temi walked in his usual manner to them, reaching their table he announced that desert was about to be served.

"I'm beat. Can we take it to go? Please," Tale asked looking from Su Yan to Woo Jin for approval.

"Sure thing. I'd inform the kitchen and the chef about your decision."

"Thank you so much Temi, this night has been amazing." She opened her purse and got out some thousand naira notes and handed it to him. "Take it, you earned it."

The young man smiled thanking her before leaving.

"If we are leaving soon I have to use the rest room, excuse me a moment." Woo Jin said mildly before leaving.

"I think he likes me now," Tale said once Woo Jin was out of sight.

"He's always likes you, I mean after he got to know you."

"You think?"

"I know. He was just worried."

"About what?"

"About the basic things, nothing serious." Su Yan said calmly.

"Well at least he cares."

"He does."

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    《Love, Tale》