Love, Tale
100 queen of England
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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100 queen of England

She had almost joined in the crying fest herself.


Line of waiters appeared with one holding an extra plate of groundnuts Su Yan requested, Chef Ayo followed at the back. Food Tale hadn't seen before was laid out on the table, she later found out Chef Ayo had made some Chinese food for the boys and was even more thankful.

"This was the best I could do at the shortest time, I hope it meets your expectation. For your friend I made spaghetti Bolognese with extra cheese, and for you my very own Farm House Rice with extra seafood and vegetables," The waiters served the food as he spoke. "It was the best I could do in such a short time, for your guest I made oyster sauce chicken and a simple white rice serving and Cantonese steamed chicken served with fried rice. I also made an extra serving of Kung Pao chicken as well." The waiters placed plates in the middle of both men along with chopsticks.

Woo Jin nodded in approval.

"This is breathtaking, thank you Chef Ayo."

He gave her a smile before saying something in mandarin surprising the both men. Su Yan was the first to reply. A few more words passed around the three men ending in smiles.

"I like him." Woo Jin commented once Chef Ayo disappeared into the hotel.

"I would marry him in a heartbeat." Precious blurted out.

"Please keep your intimate thoughts to yourself." Tale pleaded.

"No." Precious stated shaking her head.

"What did he say?" Tale asked

"He welcomed us" Su Yan said simply pulling the food he was interested in to his side.

When Tale looked unsatisfied Woo Jin explained more. "He's happy we are his guest tonight, he hasn't had foreign guests in a while."

"How sweet of him," Precious kept fan girling.

Tale picked up one of the wine bottle to pop it open before Su Yan took it away from her hands to fill everyone's glass.

Before we get started I have a toast

"Precious is going to eat you soon," Woo Jin pointed out.

Precious answered and said "You are not wrong."

"Then let her talk!" Su Yan defended.

"Thank you babe, without wasting further time, the reason I have dragged all three of you out here tonight is for something I should is a little bit overdue," She looked at precious. "I believe it still happened at the time it was meant to be and I want to move forward with that. So I am happy to announce that as of yesterday four pm I did quit my job—"

"Oh wow, you didn't!! Precious gave her a hug almost spilling wine on them both. "I am so proud and happy for you."
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"You didn't let me finish my speech though." Tale mumbled against Precious's shoulder.

"Damn Tale didn't know you had it in you." Su Yan said raising his glass to her.

"I have a mean best friend." Tale hoped that explained it as Precious finally released her.

"Me too." Su Yan gave his friend a side eye.

"You are welcome," Woo Jin replied Su Yan before raising his glass to Tale. "Congratulations."

"Thank you guys, I know it's not normal to be celebrating being jobless but you all know the backstory so let's look alive and be happy tonight."

Precious had food in her mouth already. When tale turned to her she defended herself. "It seemed like you were wrapping things up."

Tale sighed. "Let's eat before Precious eats the table."

A few moments later when all seemed quiet Precious shamelessly took a spoonful from tales plate to have a taste of her own food. She was living her best life. "His rice even taste so different and so good! I wonder how he does it," she exclaimed.

"Will you stop?" Tale complained.

"Excuse me Queen of England!" Precious looked smug. "

"You are embarrassing me."

"Su Yan gets us. Woo Jin," she looked at him in the face. "You'll get more used to it,"

Tale shrugged. "Now will be a good time for you boys to run out of here and our lives with your hands in the air. Again, it's now or never."

Su Yan took a spoonful out of her plate as well in response. "You are right Precious, it taste great. Now I feel cheated."

Tale sighed. "It's too late for Su Yan, Woo Jin save yourself!"

"Wish I can have yours." Su Yan pointed her plate with his chopsticks.

"No you don't, your food looks amazing."

"And it tastes even better." Woo Jin answered causing her to frown.

"Welcome to the penthouse forum!" Precious still holding her cutleries threw her hands in the air making everyone around the table laugh.

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    《Love, Tale》