Love, Tale
97 watermelon...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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97 watermelon...

"Done." the man replied


She was going to do it; she was finally going to hand in her resignation. Or was she, Tale walked away from the door to her boss office for the fifth time.

Why was it so hard, she should just go in and get it over with, so she turned back and walked to the door of her boss's office for the sixth time and knocked finally.

"Miss Ire, is something wrong?"

"No sir, I just came to give you this," she said in a rush dropping the brown envelope on his table and turning to leave.

"Where are you going?" he asked as he took his seat and picked up her letter.

She didn't really want to be here for this but I guess ripping off the band aid was going to have to be okay with her. She watched her boss go through the content of her letter which she had kept short and on point.

"Wow, this is actually expected." The man spoke when he was done.

"Sir? Expected?"

"Yes, it doesn't take a prophet to know you didn't really like your job as you should. I didn't say anything about it because it wasn't my place to do so. It looks like you have figured it out yourself and that is good."

Tale let her jaw drop. So all this time, she was beating herself up for nothing, pretending for nothing? She pinched herself for been in her head.

"Thank you sir for understanding my situation, I couldn't have asked for anything else."

"My pleasure. Have you found a job yet?" he asked curiously.
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"Not yet but I know I will soon enough," she replied honestly.

"Do you want to stay here till you do?"

"No," she shook her head as she spoke. "No sir, I will be okay,"

"Okay all good. However you are meant to give us three weeks prior notice and your letter only gives us one. Because you have been a good and helpful employee and this is almost a family business, id say you should give us two weeks." He sounded like his mind was made up and Tale had no choice but to accept his proposal.

"Okay, I can do that." Tale agreed.

"Good, it is settled then. I wish you best of luck in your next phase of life and do not forget to inform your co workers about this,"

"I will do that," Tale stood up to leave. "Thank you again sir,"

"You are welcome,"

Tale walked fast to the restroom as she had a moment of panic. What was she going to do now she had no steady source of income, she had savings but then what? She had no business idea, no next plan? What has she done? She fanned herself with her hands trying to stay calm.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror and took more deep breathes. "You can't do this now, you have wanted this for so long and now you took an actual first step to bigger things so get your shit together and get back to work!" she spoke to herself in the mirror, taking one final deep breathe.

She went back to her office absently smiling, life felt amazing again.

When she got home that evening she decided to not tell Precious the good news until it was completely over.


"Can we talk,?" A tired looking Precious asked Tale on the Wednesday of the week after. They weren't on bad terms but they weren't on great terms either.

Tale was holding out the news of her resignation for the sake of making it feel more special and it was killing her, she had to talk less around Precious and Su Yan for fear of losing it and telling them the news.

"I get that you are still mad at me from last week and I am truly and really sorry."

"I'm not mad at you."

"You aren't?" Precious asked surprised.


"Well tell that to your attitude, you've barely said a thousand words to me all week."

"It's Wednesday," Tale kept her tone comical.

"Yes, exactly. It's been total silence up in here."

Tale stood up from her seat throwing herself on her friend and screaming as loud as she could. "Is that better?" she asked when she was done laughing.

"Well rest in peace to my ear drums."

"You asked for it!"

Tale went back to her seat arranging her hair that came loose when precious tried to fight her off. "I'm not angry with you believe me. I just have a few things on my mind, no thanks to you of course."

"I was mad at my situation and took it out on you," Precious explained further.

"We never really got talking about your situation; I should be the one apologizing." Tale replied in an even tone.

"Not one bit, I mean your life may or may not be in danger and it is because of me."

"I should kick you out of my house!" Tale joked and the two women shared an honest laugh. "You need to stop doing this to yourself, you barely leave the house. You spend days worrying and you have trouble sleeping."

"As I should,"

"No, you are afraid that someone might kill you, what you fail to realize is that you are doing so yourself. It's a holiday and I can guarantee that no one is looking for you."

"I wish I can fully believe you."

"You're going to have to, or I swear to God I'm going to send Woo Jin a booty text with your phone," Tale half threatened.

"Girl, that would be helpful, thank you," Precious answered handing her phone to Tale to get to work.

"Yeah you zapped the fun out of it." Tale threw her phone back at her. "But really," she turned to face Precious. "I think if we are going to be fine and alive for a really really long time, plus we have a security camera and a few tech stuffs I'd never understand around us," she added. "We will be fine."

Precious responded by resting her head on Tales shoulder and closing her eyes for a bit. Tale smiled as she patted her friends head in a bid to comfort her.

"Okay, times up. Your head is the size of a watermelon, find a pillow or a man," Tale broke the silence after a few seconds.

"Why do I bother with you?"

"Coz you love me."

"I take it back, go back to being quiet." Precious stood up to go to the bedroom and lie down for a while, Tale followed her chanting never.

Precious couldn't complain, her best friend was back much to her relief.

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    《Love, Tale》