Love, Tale
95 Light, how far?
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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95 Light, how far?

She was angry but one thing was sure, she was hungry as well.


"Wow. She looks amazing when she's angry." Su Yan thought out loud

Precious looked at him like he was crazy

"What, don't give me that look, you are the one who got her angry."

"I was only trying to talk to her."

'You were trying to talk to a practical woman by yelling at her."

"Don't fault me too," Precious pleaded.

'Seeing as you are the only one here to blame you are at fault."

"I was just trying to help,"

"That's thoughtful, but we don't yell at her, a woman like Tale can go to lengths to prove you wrong. Now are we going to follow her?" Su Yan asked concerned

"No, I will wait for her to get back home"

"Well you cant, because I do not know where she's gone to, but you might and I need direction."

"You cant make me,"

He tried a direct approach. "You know she might not be safe out there by herself."

Precious nodded. She couldn't agree more, she had forgotten about their situation.

When Su Yan drove to the end of the street where Tale lived every trace of her was gone.

"Where do we go from here?" he asked focused on the road.

"Turn left." With every passing minute Precious got a little bit more worried.

He drove for a good distance before realizing. "We are going to Lagos aren't we?"

"Yes. And I pray to God that she will be there."


"Because it's a safe place." She replied absent minded.

Forty minutes later they got to their destination and walked fast to the stream. It took them ten minutes to be certain that she hadn't come here at all as Su Yan looked out for fresh foot prints instead of yelling her name.

"I think I know another place where she might be, let's go."

"Are you sure?"

"I hope so, Tale is a creature of habit. If she isn't in this next place then I can guarantee you that she will be at home." Tale wouldn't have much places to storm off to because she barely knew anywhere to storm off to, Precious was sure of it.

"OK, lead the way."


"Madam Caro!"

"Light, how far? The chubby lady greeted Tale with smiles on her face. "E don tey" the woman spoke in broken English. From the day Madam Caro found out the meaning of her name, she had stuck with it and Tale didn't mind at all.

"I know oh, na work. No vex" Tale responded in same tone as she walked towards the serving area passing a few early customers.

"How I go vex for you? Wetin you wan eat?"

Tale called for a steaming bowl of catfish peppersoup and white rice." she walked to an empty wooden table on the left side of the opened tent where the cool breeze seemed to dwell.

"I dey come, you need anything else," Madam Caro asked.

"No, just that one. You get palmwine?" Tale asked

"Small still remain. Ugo go check fridge if any one dey" Madam Caro addressed her sales boy

"E still remain" he replied

"Gimme one," Tale decided.

"Ugo go bring am."

The boy went into the small make shift tent at the back of the main tent where drinks where stored to do his madams bidding.

[check authors thought for explanation]

Tale looked around her while her food was getting ready. Its been a long time since she came here and she kicked herself for it. The little roadside food joint boomed with life as tired workers for the day came in for a hot meal and cold drink and most times a good laugh.
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The restaurant wasn't upscale but as long as Tale could remember Madam Caro made everyone who walked into her opened tent feel welcomed, she chatted with drivers and workers about their day from where she stood for the serving area and the sitting area was only divided by a small wooden board so everyone could see their food been dished.

Different coolers held different local food and a big green basket at the end of the food table held plates and spoons.

She needed this, a quiet and alone time, maybe not so quiet she thought. Tale laughed at a story one very loud customer was telling. He was a driver and he had had a very eventful day. Everyone under the tent and a few passerby's could hear him talk and anyone who listened smiled or laughed for he had a comic tone to his voice.

Madam Caro gave a tray filled with different plates of food to one of her girls to serve the first table and she set to fill up another.

Tale was hungry, if she hadn't been mad at Precious she would have eaten a lot tonight. But no reason she shouldn't in this beautiful atmosphere. She smiled remembering Su Yan innocent face from earlier, the poor guy just got caught in the cross fire.

"I told you she would be here," Precious voice pierced through the noisy tent.

Tale looked up to see her best friend and her boyfriend at the main entrance of the tent just as her food was served.

And with that her alone time was out the window.

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    《Love, Tale》