Love, Tale
94 a lone bluebell...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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94 a lone bluebell...

"Sooner than you think." He yelled after her as she walked to the front of the bank before driving off back to work.


"You are home early again?"

"Yes, I am as scared as you are too" Tale admitted to her best friend that afternoon when she got home for the day. it was now the second week of her return back to work and for some reason everyone was still being nice to her and less judgmental. She had even worn a bold red lip to work hoping to get a reaction and so far it has been non existent. Every reason why she wanted to quit now seemed like a little flicker.

"This is meant to be your final week"

"I know,"

"You didn't give them the letter last Friday did you?"

"I was going to, but then I got home early."

"Excuses excuses, when does it end? Girl, why are you doing this to me?"

"What?" Tale looked utterly confused.

"Yes, you get me all excited for change and you then take it all away."

"I'm confused. I am the one working and breaking my back to put food on the table, forgive me for not wanting to be the stay at home husband."

"This is serious Tale."

"Not really but Ok,"

"It's like staying in a bad relationship because the guy who used to treat you badly now had a change of heart for a second and suddenly you can't see past that."

"Don't say that. That's extreme."

"I have to! You need to get your shit together dammit"

"Why are you mad at me."

"Because I am tired of seeing you give up so many times Tale and the worst of all is that you give up on yourself."

"You are being mean," Tale responded a little calmly.

"I'm helping your damn life!"

"I just got home, I do not need this okay,"

"It is exactly what you need, stand up for yourself for once in your life and stop being a chicken. No one, not a single soul will do it for you."

Tale fought back a tear as she stomped into her room and shut the door.

She tore off her clothes as jumped in the shower to cool off, she took the stool she kept a lone fake Bluebell flower on and sat on it as the cold water ran from her hair down. She felt a warm streak of tear fall and wiped it off turning her face upward to the direction of the water.

She didn't want to talk to Precious just yet because even while she was mad at her, Tale knew Precious was right. Her boss and colleague were taken away the reasons she wanted a change and she was staring at confusion in the face every day. Quitting didn't feel right anymore, nothing did.

She fell back in bed staring at the ceiling before giving up trying to get her thoughts right.

"I know you do not want to talk to me but your boyfriend is here," Precious knocked lightly as she announced.

Tale sighed before standing up from what she was doing for the past four hours to go open the door. She had created a mood board for the year, gone through the book Su Yan had given her for Christmas and not to mention, she was really hungry.

She had forgotten about meeting up with Su Yan that night for game night.

"You feeling better?" Precious asked once she came into view.
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Tale didn't respond as she passed her to the living room.

"Okay, if that's how we are going to play it."

Su Yan stood up to greet her. "Hey babe, you weren't answering any of my calls and I got worried."

"I am sorry, I forgot to remove my phone from silent mode."

"It's okay?"

"Dinner is ready" Precious announced.

"I rather starve." Tale said stubbornly.

"No you wouldn't" Precious countered

"Yeah you wouldn't" Su Yan added. "What's going on?"

"She was mean to me." Tale sounded more childish than she intended to.

"You asked for it." Precious responded.

Tale turned to face her without a word, if only looks could kill.

Precious knew in that moment that she had pushed it little bit too far.

"You two cut it out."

"I'd be right back" Tale replied without looking at Su Yan as she walked past Precious to her room. She changed into a black leggings and a tank top before putting on a red plaid oversized shirt on it. She fetched her black trainers and packed her hair in a bun before reaching for her glasses and some loose change she had on her drawer.

She came out just as Precious was about to knock again, almost bumping into her on her way out.

"You two enjoy your dinner, I'm out."

"Tale you can't be serious. I didn't do anything wrong." Su Yan was a bit surprised.

'But you probably will be on Precious's side and I do not want either of you around me at this moment"

"Where are you going?"

"Don't! Don't talk to me." tale said with enough control on her anger.

She shut the door on them and walked as fast as her legs could carry her.

She was angry but one thing was sure, she was hungry as well.

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    《Love, Tale》