Love, Tale
93 of safety
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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93 of safety

It was a brand new week and Tale was back to her usual programming.

She was going to get through this week well, by Friday she will hand in her resignation letter informing the church that she had two more weeks to spend with them. By the fourth week she will be unemployed, free and happy. Right? She frowned at the mirror as she put in the last hair pin in her hair to hold it in place, this wasn't going to work. adjusting her glasses she turned off the lights in the bathroom to pick her bag and go about her day.

"See you later" she greeted Precious who was still in bed before running out of the house. She was already running late and this wasn't going to go down well with her boss.

"Need a ride?" Woo Jins voice startled her once she stepped outside the gate of the extate.

"Holy molly! What are you doing here?"

"Just looking around"

"Its not even seven AM"

Woo Jin looked confused

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" Tale finished.

"Oh, you meant it was too early to be here," he realized.


"Not for me it isn't. Danger never sleeps."

"I have to get to work on time," Tale complained.

"Get in." he held the door for her to get in.

"What is going on exactly?" Tale asked once they were settled in.

"Just security measures. You both might be in trouble."

"You sound just like Precious and shouldn't you be protecting Su Yan?" she asked confused for a second.

"He's good, not to mention that if you are safe, so is he and by extension so am I,"

"OK, I don't think that's how it works but OK. Shouldn't you be protecting Precious?"

"I got a system installed."

"So I guess its just me now isn't it?"


Tale wasn't entirely convinced. She didn't feel like she needed protecting.

Everyone was all smiles including her boss and it scared her quite a bit. No one told her to enjoy it while it lasts because by noon time she was told she had to make three runs to the bank before the close of work that day.

"Here we go again" she thought. She closed up her computer and arranged a few papers she was going to get back to once she returned from the bank. Tale wrapped the money she was going to be depositing in the bank well enough before leaving her desk.

"Ire" her boss called her once she was outside the admin building


"When you finish up with the errands just go home.."

She wasn't sure she heard right so she came closer. "Sir?"

"Yes go home. That's all you have to do for today."

What was happening? Tale held her bag tightly still surprised by what the older man had just told her. "Thank you," was all she could manage.

This was weird, really weird.

She was only outside the gate when he pulled up and rolled down the window.

"Su Yan?"


"What in the name of safety is going on? And why are you at my job?"

"Get in, I have something for you."

Tale looked around to be sure no one was focused on her. She wasn't about to give the impression that she accepted free rides.

"This is highly unacceptable. You and Woo Jin and I need to talk about boundaries"

"What are you talking about?"

"You sent Woo Jin to watch me and drive me to work this morning."

"That wasn't me!"

"What? Then who…" she stopped when she figured it out. Up until now she had no idea how worried Precious was and how disturbed she might feel.

"Why are you here anyway?" she turned back to Su Yan.

He helped her with her seat belt. "I actually was going to come give you lunch but then I saw you live you office and I knew what time is was."

"What time is it?"

"Time for you to run around town like someone is on your tail."

"I'd call you a stalker but i'm dating you,"

"...and it isn't that difficult to figure out your routine."

"I have to go to three banks! And you wouldn't believe what just happened."

"Tell me all about it."

"They let me go home early today. I think they are a little afraid i'd die on them but either way I get to close early."

"That is totally great, they should have gotten to it sooner."

"I need to hurry though."

"Then we better get to it" he opened up the bag of food he got her and brought out lunch before starting the car.

"Why did you get two of everything"

"I wasn't letting you eat without me"


Su Yan smiled as pulled his car into the street and drove slow enough to get food in his mouth.

"This is so weird" Tale stuffed her mouth with a chicken burger."

"Says the woman with a chicken burger in her mouth,"

"Shut up,"

"Agreed," he took a bit of his sandwich before turning the corner into the major roads taking a bite whenever they were at a red light and talking about how is first day back at the site was a breeze.

Su Yan dropped her off at her first destination few moments later. "Don't wait for me." Tale unbuckled her seat belt after wiping her hands with a tissue. "That was a nice date."

"I liked it too tiny."

"Please don't call me that"
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"Yeah I think I'd stick with it, it's truly fitting." he opened the bottle of water he held and drank.

'I give up. See you around boyfriend,"

"Sooner than you think." He yelled after her as she walked to the front of the bank before driving off back to work.


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    《Love, Tale》