Love, Tale
90 Only you...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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90 Only you...

...filled with what he noticed was pure happiness.


"This is amazing but you didn't have to do it alone. Although I don't think it was fair of you to send me on a journey of no return."

Tale laughed hard, "Welcome to the other side."

Su Yan explained his experience on it and how he realized he was being played.

"I'm sorry, I had to get you out of the house."

"It was worth it, I can't believe that it is a thing though, that game is rough."

"It's never fun when you experience it, but we can laugh about it now." she continued.

"Like you are doing right now to me?"

"You are welcome."

"I'd get you back." he took it as a fun challenge now, it was on.

"It's on!"

"Drum roll please," Tale announced once they stopped laughing at Su Yan's trouble.

The women he knew would demand a night out in the most expensive and high rated restaurant, looking expensive on a cheap attitude. To them, what was a couple thousands of dollars to spend at a dinner date when his family could easily make that much in a day. He couldn't imagine all the trouble Tale had gone through to set this up for the two of them that made it all very special to him. First of many he hoped.

"So I thought I could make a simple noodle soup." she continued. "I did it, watched videos, read a recipe page online, I even followed the instructions on the box and well, you'll see."

She rolled the little trolley closer to them to place the food on the table.

"You ready for this?"

Su Yan responded by picking up a napkin and placing it in the collar of his shirt and another on his lap.

"Okay, I get it. Tada!" Tale opened the server to show it's content.

"Wait is that, Hamburgers?"

"Yeah I failed, it was either this or a plate of burnt noodle soup." she frowned.

"I have to admit I am pleased."

"Of course you are. Dig in," Su Yan took to his cutleries. "No, we are not doing that, use your hands." Tale commanded.

"Yes mum." he obeyed smiling.

Tale filled her plate up, she was hungry and she wasn't holding back.

He watched her stuff her mouth with a bite of burger as she savored the taste of it. "This is so good." she looked up to find him staring.


"Appreciating the view."

"Aw," she danced with her shoulders in response sending more lights across the balcony.

Su Yan dug into his burger finally and found the same satisfaction she had earlier.

This brought him comfort, there had been many nights where living in his world was nothing but tiresome and lonely.

But he had to concentrate on the now and now was really beautiful and whole.


Two hours and two slices of chocolate cake later.

"I do not know how to dance" Tale protested.

"Not from what I remember."

"That was different, I was drunk. I do not know who my drunk self is." she added.
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"You got me. Just follow my move." Su Yan pulled her from her seat.

"I walked right into this one, didn't I?" she didn't think he would ask for a dance when she turned the little cassette player on to play one of her favorite songs

Only you by Yazoo played low in the background as they danced slowly matching the rhythm.


"Well this is me," she stood outside the room he had kindly giving her "Thank you for a wonderful night."

You hosted me, in my own apartment I should be ashamed of myself

You didn't see it coming chicken. She gave him back his coat and turned to open the door.



He reached out his hands to gently turn her to face him fully before joining his lips to hers. He could have rushed it and in a few seconds be done with it, knowing this he eased back to look at her face, she showed no discomfort. Eager for more he got a little closer pulling her back in but she took control this time. Her lips were soft and smooth and she moved devastatingly slow, when she took it a bit deeper he tossed his jacket to the side to wrap his hands on her little waist, to feel a little more. Her warmth surrounded him , she didn't spare him any control as her hands nervously roamed to settle on his chest.

She knew where to draw the line but the more she took the more she wanted, so with the last bit of control she could muster, Tale eased back from him all smiles.


"You drive me crazy you know that?"

"I should drive you crazy" she freed herself from his arms taking a step back to the door. "Sleep well OK."

"You too bunny," picking up his jacket off the floor he gave her his best smile with a wink before heading downstairs to his room.

What a night, he could have sworn he hasn't been this happy in a long time.

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    《Love, Tale》