Love, Tale
89 pure happiness
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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89 pure happiness

Su Yan obeyed.


So she told him of a very common cruel joke that was played in Federal secondary schools in Nigeria. Seniors would send fresh in unsuspecting junior students on an errand to go find a book "A journey of no return by an author of their choice." The name of the game made it clear but it wasn't so easy to catch on to. The unlucky junior student would have walked all around the school to finally realize that the book never existed and she or he had been truly sent on 'A journey of no return'.

"That's clever, and cruel." Su Yan pointed out when Precious was done explaining.

Precious let out a small laugh. "We know but in this case Tale had a surprise for you, don't ask, I do not know what it is."

"Well she sure kicked me out of her way."

"Lucky you. How did you find out?"

"Tale told me it was a book by David Fridge, Jane said Michael Stone."

Precious laughed and Su Yan joined in. "David is a common name, and she might have been looking at your fridge at the time."

"She sure was."


Now he smiled at himself in his car as he parked in his driveway four hours later, he had gotten Precious dinner as well as drop her off at home before coming home.

He was tired.

But because he wanted to see what Tale was up to he kept his energy in check.

Tales heart skipped a beat when the door clicked open "Calm down now, this is what the last few hours has been about." She told herself.

She heard his footsteps in the living room and switched off the all the lights from where she was hiding

"Tale?" Su Yan was going to panic before he noticed the glow in the dark arrows pointing towards Woo Jin's room. He followed it willy nilly and stepped in. There was a gift on the bed with a note.

"Put this on for your next surprise."

It was a suit, she bought him a suit and a new pair of shoes. OK now he was more anxious to know how this was going to play out, he quickly started the process of dressing up.

Tale quickly came out of her hiding spot to pick up the arrows and re arrange them while she climbed the stairs up to the balcony where she had set up.

With the air of a woman who had achieved so much she nodded to herself in approval as she wore her shoes and waited for him.

His mouth tightened with the beginning of a smile when he stepped out moments later in the navy colored suit she got him, why she got a black shirt he did not know but he loved the vibe. It was a perfect fit. It was no designer suit, but he loved it more than any of the designer suits he had.
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Looking down he noticed the arrows had changed direction. They glowed brightly up the stairs and he followed it more intrigued than ever.

He got to the top and saw it led to the little balcony he rarely ever used.

There he saw her, finally. She stood close to the railings with a single black rose, smiling and looking even more beautiful than he had ever seen her. The night sky made for a perfect backdrop behind her as the lights from the balcony gave her a warm glow. Her curls had been wrapped into three different buns and the dress she wore was the shortest he ever seen on her and it appealed to him.

Tale concluded he was the devil. He looked amazing in blue and black.

"Wow you look beautiful." Su Yan spoke first.

She did a three sixty turn for him to get a better view, the stones on the dress sent hundreds of lights reflecting around the balcony.

"And so do you, was afraid it may not fit," she walked closer to him. "This is for you,"

He took the rose before placing a light kiss on the back of her hand.

There was a little buffet table on one side of the balcony, there were lilies everywhere and little lights was placed in between them to create the illusion of them actually glowing.

He was close to believing in magic. "You did all this for me?"

"For us, also we never got to go on that date coz I fell sick."

He linked his free hand with hers pulling her closer to him to hold her.

"You look amazing," he complimented her again.

"Um thank you. This was the dress I was going to wear but at the time a hospital gown was good enough for you I guess."

"All one have to do to make you loose composure is pay you a compliment." he pointed out.

"I'm hungry," she blurted out.

A low laugh sounded from him while he released her from his arms to help her sit.

"Let the night begin." Su Yan announced as he took his seat filled with what he noticed was pure happiness.

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    《Love, Tale》