Love, Tale
88 Tiny?
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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88 Tiny?

she was done with the first stage of what she asked.
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Tale waited till they got home two hours later to tell Su Yan she needed help picking up a book from Precious, the name of the book was A Journey of no return by David Fridge.

"It's not like I want to spend the day with you, of course I'd go get it for you." Su Yan tried the guilt trip.

Tale smiled at him as she pushed him out the door to go do her bidding.


Precious opened the door and welcomed Su Yan as he asked for the book not wanting to waste any more time.

"You are going to have to sit because we are going to have to look for it together.

"What?, she said it was in her library."

"Yeah, it's nit there, I've looked and we have to keep looking, I'm not liking it either." Precious hid her smile as she walked into the room to go lay down for a while.

It was twenty minutes before Precious walked out of the room again. "We have to go," she announced.

"Go where?" Su Yan who was earnestly searching the living room for the book asked.

"To Jane's, she lent it out to a friend of ours, we have to go get it."

"You are playing with me."

"I'm not! The faster we go, the sooner you can get home to yours."

He was defeated, he was tired and for the first time not so happy.


She never ceased to amaze him Su Yan wondered, thirteen days she had been with him and thirteen days she had done so, Su Yan was in thoughts as he drove into his estate late that night. She was a mystery that woman.

He smiled on how smooth her plan had played out and flashed back to the event of the day.


Six hours earlier....

They had survived the two and half hour wicked traffic. The city was super busy this time of year, everyone had somewhere to go and apparently at same time as him.

"It should be here," Precious who was on her phone the whole way looked up. "It's been a while I visited" she explained further.

"She better have the book." Su Yan replied while driving down the crooked road.

"She will." Precious fought to hide her smile.

They parked in front of a hostel apartment as Precious got down immediately to go look for Jane.

"No wait, I want to be sure you don't play a fast one on me." Su Yan came down to follow her closely. Precious shook her head and led the way.

Jane was a light skin chubby lady who was really tall. She was more than pleased to see Precious as she hugged her friend while exchanging pleasantries.

"Girl, you came out of nowhere!" she yelled

"Yep, I'm sorry I have been MIA."

"No worries little miss lecturer."

The both women laughed out loud. Su Yan coughing brought them back down to earth.

"Wow, are you getting married?" Jane asked pointing to Su Yan when she finally acknowledged him.

"No, no, no. This is Su, you remember Tale?

"How can I forget. No one forgets tiny."

"Tiny?" Su Yan queried.

"That's what we called her in school." Precious explained. "This is her boyfriend."

"Oh wow, tiny is making big moves I see." Jane sounded very impressed. "Do come in." She finally let them into her tiny apartment, Su Yan looked out of place filling up the small space immediately.

Precious sat down Su Yan followed suit.

"What can I get you guys."

"Water will be nice." Precious answered.

"Precious?" Su Yan let his impatience show.

"Relax, let's get some rest before hitting the road again."

Jane served them a jug of cold water and two clean glasses.

"Thank you girl."

"Sure, what else do you need?" Jane finally asked.

"A book." Su Yan replied.

"Yes Jane, Tale asked us to come collect her book from you," she winked before continuing. "Remember, the one called A journey of no return."

Jane got the message loud and clear. "Oh yeah I remember that book." she stood up like she was going to go search for it in her room.

"A journey of no return by Michael Stone, I think I have it." she disappeared into her room to go find it.

Su Yan nodded then it finally hit him.

"She doesn't have the book does she?" he asked Precious. Just as he was done asking, Jane came out to announce she had given it to another friend called Oma.

Su Yan rose up immediately and thanked her for her time pulling Precious with him as he took long angry strides to the car.

"Start talking now!"

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Don't try to play me woman."

"Someone is angry."

"I'm not!" he yelled back. "Ok, maybe a little bit. Start talking, now?"

Precious mocked him. "You are such a baby. But I guess our jig is up. Drive and I will tell you."

Su Yan obeyed.

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    《Love, Tale》