Love, Tale
86 beautiful and pure...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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86 beautiful and pure...

...and he sure wasn't going to forget the experience anytime soon.

"Thank you for tonight." Precious thanked Woo Jin as he dropped her home for the night.

His teeth flashed. "Thank you too, It's been a long time I've been out with anyone else asides Su Yan"

"I feel you. Good night."

He watched her walk into the house and peeled his eyes away. Thoughts of their first kiss flooded his mind and he couldn't help but imagine how far it could have gone.

This was a building temptation he didn't sign up for, he bit his lips in frustration as he drove away...


As she had promised before running out the study room earlier that night, Tale knocked on the door to Su Yan's room much later that night.

Out of habit he was focused on his laptop screen as well as some documents he held in one of his hand. His scar was out in the open again because he had roughly swept his hair backwards.

Tale smoothed back the strands of hair that had escaped the rough knot at the nape of her neck as she closed the door behind her, focusing on his face. She had opted for another of his t-shirts and a PJ shorts for the night.

Su Yan put his papers aside and closed off his system as she walked closer.

"Didn't think you were really going to come down," he said as he stretched a hand to her and assisted her to the bed.

"Me neither, but I have barely two days to be with you, I don't want to be the girl who regrets not making the most of it, you know..."

"Aren't I lucky," Su Yan replied rather calmly.

Now it felt more familiar having her beside him in this way, the temptation was obviously there, nudging at him at the slightest but he sure as hell wasn't going to act on it. So he cuddled her close as they got tucked in for the night.

"Do you think that maybe we are going too fast?" Tale asked against the pillow she held on to on her side of the bed.

Su Yan eyes flew open at the question that didn't sound so much as a question. "What's wrong?"

She sat up supporting her back with two pillows, Su Yan had no choice but to do same.

"Nothing is wrong. I was thinking out loud and pondering over it for a while now, I've heard quite a few stories to know how friendships and relationships that start out fast end same way."

"Aw, look who doesn't want to loose me so soon."

"Don't kid yourself, I'd trade you for a bag of rice any day."

"No you wouldn't."

"You're right, half a bag."

Su Yan laughed. "Are you scared?"

"Honestly, yes. We've been in each others lives since day one." She paused like she was thinking hard about a maths problem. "...actually you forced your way into my life from day one."

"You let me in."

"No I didn't."

"Yes you did."

"Maybe a little but you were like a moth to a flame, me of course being the dazzling flame."

"You could get burnt."

"I don't burn, I dazzle and bring light into peoples lives." she half joked, closing the gap between them to sit really close.

"We just started dating, two weeks now and in that two weeks we've lived together, I've gotten naked, and now I met your sister, what's next!!!"
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"You do know there's no blueprint for how a perfect relationship should start."

"I wish there was, life would be easier." Classic Tale, always the practical one in the room.

"Do you want a break?" Su Yan asked, Tale didn't catch on to his question for she didn't notice the little hint of fear in his voice.

"No, no I don't. It's one day at a time you and I till we drive each other crazy."

A silent relief washed over him at her answer. "About my sister, I thought it only fair for you to meet her, I've met your entire family, hell I've even met your ex."

Smiling Tale replied "You really are part of the family now, aren't you?" Su Yan nodded smiling at last as Tale hugged his waist and rested there.

"I liked meeting your sister, she was very welcoming of me and what more could I ask for?

"A pony or a golden horse," Su Yan replied

"That sounds nice, but I want a pink dragon that grants wishes," Tale responded in same tone but sleep was laced on her tongue as her eyes fluttered close and open again.

"Done!" Su Yan sounded really serious they both laughed at their quirks as they settled for the night.

That night, they fell asleep comfortably close to each other and Su Yan smiled in his sleep because he dreamt of something beautiful and pure, something he had silently searched for and hoped for, and in his dreams, he believed in them again.

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    《Love, Tale》