Love, Tale
85 Angel...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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85 Angel...

..."Good. So what are we having?"...


Su yan pulled into his driveway at a little past 8pm, the drive home wasn't boring at all, Tale knew how to hold up a conversation pretty good.

Tales phone rang once they entered the house and Su Yan unintentionally looked over her shoulder to check who it was.

"It is boyfriend number three," Tale told him and ran up the stairs she didn't notice his reaction to what she just said.

"Hello. How are you little sister?" Tale answered the call on the last ring.

"Hello Sisi. How are you doing?"

"I am good and actually better"

"I'm glad. How is it that you have been staying with Su Yan and didn't tell me. I mean we chat everyday, everyday sis."


"Yes, what. How did you think I wasn't going to know."

"What do you know?"...


Su yan avoided calls from family as much as he could in the last few days since Tale had been staying over. He really needed to learn how to keep up with his sisters at the very least, especially Angel. So instead of going to his room for the night in the hopes that Tale would join him he took a turn to his study to start with that little decision.

"My sister called, and she says hi, how are you?" Tale stood at the doorway to his study in one of his tee shirts again. He agreed she always wore it better.

"I like your sister, she cares about me more."

"You wish big guy. Is something wrong? You are still in your clothes."

"Come here, I'd like to show you something special.."

"Is it another jade bracelet?"

"No, better than that"

Tale walked over to his table and took the sit he offered her, she had no time to make a run for it when she saw what was on the screen of the computer.

"What in the world!!" Tale reached for a throw pillow on the cushion beside the desk, Su Yan took it away.

"Hello," Angel waved at her through the screen smiling widely.

"Hello, Angel right?" Tale waved back , a bit nervous. "I am sorry for meeting you dressed like this for the first time, let's both agree your brother is to blame."

"Agreed" Angel replied in the same tone.

"And I thought you were cute." Tale turned to Su Yan as he quietly took the sit opposite her.

"Oh I know I am."

If angel was surprised by her brothers relationship status, it didn't show. She was all smiles and welcoming of her as she talked about her brother and how much she misses him, she also talked about meeting Tale someday soon.

"I'm so happy to talk to you, I always wanted another big sister and even better, you are from a different culture. I have so many fun things to learn from you."

"The feeling is mututal Angel, although your brother is the least Chinese person I've ever met."

"I'm the only one you've ever met." Su Yan interrupted.

"Can you not interrupt me while I'm talking to my new best friend, no one invited you into this." Tale fired.

"Well, Precious would be heartbroken."

Tale laughed as she thought of how Precious would react for a second before turning her attention back to Angel.

"Oh my, the both of you are so good together. I love it."

"Well we try, your brother is a handful though."

Angel laughed

"And might I add, you are so beautiful and radiate so much positivity, I love it," Tale complimented.

"Thank you big sister. Have a good night rest."

"Big sister? You could just call me…"
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"No she can't

"Oh, okay. Bye then Angel."

"Bye." The both ladies waved each other before Tale disconnected the video call.

"That was exciting and quite a rush, why didn't you think to even warn me. I just met your sister,"

"I'm soirry I snuck it up on you" he stood up to come meet her. "It was going to happen sooner or later, plus it was only fair you did. I've met your family."

"When you put it like that, how can I get mad. Also your sister is really beautiful." She stood up then to leave the study.

"So are you." Su yan put in conversationally. He loved the way she always reacted when he complimented her beauty.

"I'm going to go to bed now,"

"You mean my bed?"

"Yes!" she said as matter of fact while stomping out of the study before he paid her any more compliments that always made her feel fluttery.

It was weird, he realized how easily it has been for him to be comfortable with Tale in his life, having her around for two weeks in a row was a major step in a relationship that had barely even started but he loved every minute of it, and he sure wasn't going to forget the experience anytime soon.

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    《Love, Tale》