Love, Tale
84 innocent sight...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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84 innocent sight...

her mouth settled over his in a quick kiss....

Precious drew back for a second to look at his face, searching for anger or any emotion to stop her from wanting more, she found none.

Quite firmly Woo Jin pulled her back to him and kissed her, his lips caressed hers so well it confirmed all her suspicion about him. No man kissed that way without having one of two things, either a lot of experience or an abundance of knowledge of what a woman wants and despite his unfriendly exterior, Precious guessed that Woo Jin had an abundance of both.

She reached up to put her hands on his wide shoulders. She felt solid strength beneath the plain black tee he wore and that sent her heart racing. She needed to get back control, but when his hands moved from her neck down to her waist pulling her a bit more closer, her senses failed her completely.

A lightening appeared out of the sky cold and with it a cold breeze, effectively bringing them both out of the spell they had both put each other under.

"You still want that water." Woo Jin asked giving her a knowing grin.

Leaning away from him, she tried to regain her voice. "Why don't we go for that dinner instead, if you want to of course."

"Definitely, I'm actually starving. A second longer and I'd have eaten you up." Woo Jin replied as he gave a wink and rose up to go start the car.

Precious hurriedly stood up before any further thought crossed her mind.
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She wasn't going to ponder over what had gotten into her, maybe it was the situation that surrounded her currently or that she actually found Woo Jin attractive but on a good day she knew she would never had gone down the first move lane.

She smiled to herself as she threw on her jacket and carried her bag and walked outside to meet him.


"We should leave Su, it's going to rain."

"We have a car."

"Yes, but we should get going now." Tale stated stubbornly.

"Yes mum."

Tale formed a heart shape with her hands as she smiled widely at him.

"You better have something nice waiting for me at home for you to be making us leave early."

Tale tried a different approach. "I just thought that with the nice weather blowing in, it would be nice to snuggle up to my man." she gave him a wink.

"You are right, we should get going."

Su Yan held her hand as they left the VVIP lounge down to the main restaurant. It was buzzing with lots of people, all from different works of life, old and young.

One things they had in common was the joy on their face as they ate, talked, shared a story.

The waiters all clean and proper in their uniforms looked happy to attend to their customers.

Su Yan really did something here and Tale couldn't be more proud of him and his kind heart.

When a baby girl dragged a cup of juice from her father's hand Tale laughed at the innocent sight.

"Precious? Woo Jin?" Tale didn't hide the surprise in her voice when they bumped into each other at the entrance to the restaurant.

"Well well well, if it isn't Mr and Mrs Intruder." Su Yan added.

"We are just getting dinner, together." Precious

shook her head at them.

"In your favorite shirt, is that my jacket?" Tale asked unashamed as both men turned to Precious.

Precious eyed her best friend who was bent on embarrassing her for sure. "It's mine people! Su Yan please take her home."

Su Yan applied enough pressure to moving her towards the parking lot without actually pushing her.

"But I'm not finished." Tale protested like a child wanting ice cream.

"I say you are Bunny, let's let them enjoy their date."

"It's not a date." Woo Jin replied a little too fast.

"Okay let's go." Tale finally agreed, allowing Su Yan lead her away as she said good night to Woo Jin and Precious.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Tale pestered once they were seated in the car.

"Way ahead of you, definitely something going on there."

"Right on the money. Fist bump." Su Yan obliged.

"Are we bad friends?" Su Yan looked like he was thinking for a second.

"Nah, we are the best!"

They both laughed at the same time at how childish they were being towards their friends as Su Yan pulled out of the lot and headed home.


"Do you think they know." Precious who was silent from the moment Tale left asked.

"Know what?" Woo Jin looked genuinely confused.

"About us."

"What if they do? That shouldn't be a bother. Let's focus on having a great dinner and you telling me about your situation, I want to help, I really do."


"Good. So what are we having?"...

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    《Love, Tale》