Love, Tale
81 both crazy...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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81 both crazy...

...absolute perfection

"I think we should go get ready," Tales voice cut into his thoughts.

"Can I change my mind?"

"Nope. Twenty minutes to get ready challenge, you down?."

"Let's do it."

Tale freed herself from his hands as she ran upstairs leaving Su Yan stunned and staring after her.

"Time starts now!" Tale yelled from the top stairs landing.

"That's cheating!

"But it's not!" Tale yelled back as she ran into her room to begin the task at hand, determined to win.


Precious walked into the faculty building briskly, avoiding anyone's face but responding to any one who bothered to greet her.

Her students were writing her course today and she was only around to do a final check on the questions and also to take her scripts when they were done writing. God forbid she ran into any trouble with Oke.

She once again glanced around while walking fast till she got to her office door.

A knock jolted her up from her thoughts and she stood slowly to go answer it.

"Miss Precious?"

It was Ify, the assistant to the Head of department.


"Morning Miss Precious, I saw you come in and just thought you would like to go over your papers one last time early enough."

"Definitely, I'd come with you, hold on." If she was going to move around. She wasn't doing it alone. She closed her door and walked along side Ify as the lady talked about how her commute to work that morning was a no pleaser.


Tale ran out of the house with her hair in a mess and her shoes and a pair of socks in one hand, her cross body bag she held in the other hand, she dropped everything to fix her wrist watch before running to the car, Su Yan watched in amazement at the woman that was his girlfriend as he followed her closely and shut the door behind him.

"I win!" Tale exclaimed with a big grin as she whipped out her hair brush from her bag along with a small pocket mirror.

When Su Yan opened the car door she didn't wait for him to help her open the door as she climbed into her side of the car quickly.

"You are really a weirdo."

She couldn't reply as she brushed her hair in place before bringing out a lipstick along with her loose powder.

"Call me whatever you want, I won."

"I'm the one seated beside you fully clothed and dressed."

"Who got out to the car first? Me. Who got into the car first? Me. Who even got out of the house first? Huh?"


"Yes me."

"Who got out of the house looking like she was about to go scare some innocent children on a school bus? You."
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"Still won! You now owe me..."

Su Yan backed out of the driveway, "Owe you what?"

"There was no prize?" She recalled she hadn't said anything about it. "Why didn't you remind me to mention it."

"I wasn't given a chance."

"You look like a chance!"

"What do you want, anything?"

"Can't think of anything right now. I ran out of the house like a crazy person for nothing."

"You sure did."

"We are both crazy," Tale reminded him.

"I was a quiet little boy until you showed up."

"It is easier to believe that spiderman will be visiting us tonight." Tale replied as she put a little more lipstick and winking to herself in the mirror she held.

Su Yan allowed himself a smile as he focused on the road.


"Hello miss Precious, do come in. Here are the exam questions, do go over it again."

"Good morning Sir." Precious greeted her superior as she sat down to get it over with.

A thousand thoughts crossed her mind and her sight was blinded.

She wasn't sure what she wanted, she wanted to disappear or maybe quit. There were cases of lecturers being kidnapped or getting hurt by students who couldn't bend them to their will but it wasn't just her now, there was Tale. Innocent Tale, what if something happened to her as well. Could she get her to stay a little longer in Su Yan's place. Or they could move to a hotel temporarily. But there's next semester...

"Miss Precious? Ify called out


"You seem distracted and have been staring at the first page for a while. Is everything OK?

"Yes, yes it is. The questions are okay. I'd be in my office.

Precious stood up before any other observation was made.

She should be alone.


"Hello Sir," a worker greeted Su Yan as he walked the grounds doing a lot of inspection as he moved along.

Woo Jin had requested he come to be sure everything was going according to plan because there was only so much he knew about construction.

Su Yan may be occupied with his new relationship but he wouldn't let anything bad be associated with the Zhang name.

Not a chance.

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    《Love, Tale》