Love, Tale
80 absolute perfection...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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80 absolute perfection...

What if she forgets, then what?

"Why do you keep doing that?" Tale asked after Su Yan gently placed another cookie on her desert plate.

"Yeah seriously, giving a Nigerian woman cookies for breakfast, are you kidding our ancestors?"

"How do you say that with a straight face?" Su Yan replied less satisfied with his plan of action to get her to remember what she had said the night before.

What if it wasn't meant for him? Did she love another?

"What's wrong? Did I do something last night?" Tale asked when a frown started to form on his face.

"Please don't put us through hearing what happened last night," Woo Jin pleaded.

"Seconded!" Precious added.

Su Yan hesitated a moment before giving her an answer. "Not one bit, you were amazing"

"Not what we think huh?" Precious queried.

"Yeah, I'm lost too." Tale said with a frown as she settled to finally eat.

She was getting used to being pampered but she knew in the long run letting people do things for her was going to get to her, in a bad way.

"We will be needing you at site today," Woo Jin mentioned.

"Can't go, deal with it."

"Why not? I'm much better now and if you are still worried about me then you should have yourself a matching sweater with my mom and join her group of friends."

"Worried isn't the word." Su Yan replied sternly.

"What is then?"

His response was a gentle squeeze as he took her free hand in his.

Tale smiled for a second before speaking.

"He is going to be at the site."

"But I don't want to."

"No buts," Tale warned. "I'd be there."

Like a child who just got his way Su Yan was pleased with her response.

"Where have you been all our lives? Making him do what I want would have been easier with you around." Woo Jin teased, when he spoke again it wasn't in English.

"Don't do that," Su Yan warned immediately.

"No let him, I would actually like to learn a little of your language of which you have done

nothing to help."

"You never asked me!"

"I didn't ask for a lot of things in my life and yet I got them."

"Not this, you won't."

"Those of us who are single would like for you two to stop doing that." Precious lamented.

"Can't stop, won't stop." Tale shot back.

"Tell her babe! High five,"

The rest of their breakfast went by smoothly. Like four friends who hadn't seen each other in a while, they laughed and talked about work and food. For a second Tale thought of her lonely mornings, for the days when she bothered to have breakfast, what a wonderful turn around her life had been in these past few months.

"I'd meet you at the site."

"The faster you are about it, the sooner you come back home to your woman." Woo Jin half teased.

"That is the plan, if you are trying to mock me I suggest you find some other topic."

Tale who had just walked out from the kitchen with Precious asked joyfully. "When are we going?"
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"I should get going, I have barely an hour to get to school." Precious cut in.

"No one asked you here in the first place." Tale replied.

"And thank you for breakfast."

"We didn't invite you for that either."

"I was talking to Su Yan." Precious fired back.

"She speaks for both of us, and that includes you too." Su Yan turned to Woo Jin.

Tale smiled proudly.

"You two love having us around and you know it. Let's go Precious."

Precious obliged as the two of them walked down the pathway to Woo Jin's car.

"Maybe we should show up for dinner as well, with a pillow and a mat to sleep over after we are done," Precious talked as they walked.

And for what felt like the first time ever with her, Woo Jin laughed.

"They would flip, especially my best friend." Woo Jin replied with a smile as he held the door open for her to get in.

Precious watched him turn back around to his side of the car and smiled to herself, she pushed her fear back down once he was seated.

"Wanna hang out tonight? Maybe catch a movie or something." Nervous, she squeezed her hands tight waiting his response.

"Sure why not, just text me the time and place."

A smile flirted around her lips as they drove out of the estate and into the business of the day.


"Is everything OK?" Tale asked once they were alone again.

"Yes, why not?"

"You seemed strange at the start of breakfast."

"You asked for it."

"I don't recall."

"Of course you don't," Su Yan pulled her close as he stroked the nape of her neck.

He wasn't sure if he was glad she couldn't remember, but he wasn't upset either and even better, he wasn't afraid of how he felt towards her or of her feelings towards him.

When the time was right, everything that needs to be said, will be said and in those moments it will all be perfect.

Absolute perfection.

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    《Love, Tale》