Love, Tale
79 speaking of love...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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79 speaking of love...

...knowing she was not going to be aware of what she had changed in him, forever.

"You know you don't have to check up on me. I've been very careful as much as I can" Precious told a straight face Woo Jin as he came to pick her up to work.

"Actually this feels like work to me, with Su Yan practically not wanting me around I barely have anything to do."

Precious stared straight ahead, guess she was only going to be his entertainment.

"What I meant was, I miss doing what I love" Woo Jin explained when he noticed she wasn't pleased with his first statement. "And it feels nice to actually have someone else to be around other than Su Yan."

"Thank you, for this and also for worrying. You don't have to but you do."


He was still a man of few words.

"Why don't we drop in on them unexpectedly?"

"Its only 6.45am'" Woo Jin pointed out

"So? You are the nosy best friend and so am I, it's all perfect. Plus I'm hungry and I'm sure food will be delivered today."

"You speak the truth, lets do it." Woo Jin who had been driving Precious to work made a U turn to the estate where he was sure he wasn't welcomed at.

Government Residential Area phase 2.
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Su Yan opened his eyes to a beautiful morning, the smell of rain filled the air but the sunlight stealing its way into the room provided a little warmth, along with the woman who laid beside him. Putting a finger under her nose, he checked her breathing and smiled before getting up to go to the bathroom.

A loud thud sounded from the room waking him up fully. Tale had rolled out of bed in her usual manner and had fallen off it carrying the duvet with her, the pain now at the back of her head clearly registered.

"Tale?" Su Yan quickly rounded the bed to come stand over her as she laid on the cold tiles out of embarrassment.

"Well, that just happened," she said covering her face

"Why do you always do that,"

"I thought I had more space," she defended herself.

"We should rename you the rolling thunder," Su Yan said laughing as he carried her up from the floor that she was starting to find comfort in.

"I'm OK now, put me down."

The doorbell rang forcing him to obey her words. "Lucky save."

"Life just loves me."

Speaking of love, Su Yan turned on his heels towards the door as Tale walked to the bathroom to rinse her face and start the day.

"Good morning sir." His restaurant manager greeted as Su Yan opened the door to his staff.

"Morning Olu. Did you bring along the papers?"

"Definitely,," the man stepped in as a team of five staffs walked in with his order for the morning.

Su Yan signed off on the fund request for the week and thanked the man for his hard work.

He was going to close the door when the voice came.

"Hey you."

Su Yan knew the voice all too well. Woo Jin and, was that Precious?

"It's 7am," Su Yan pointed out

"We know bro, but thanks for the reminder," Woo jin said as he walked past his friend into the house with Precious following closely behind him, silently.

"I need more clothes and Precious was hungry."

Su Yan raised a brow at the obvious lie.

"Su Yan you wore me out last night, I feel stiff," Tale said rather loudly as she walked out of the room to the living area wiping her face with a little towel she found off the railing in his bathroom. My body aches a little bit and you know what—"

She stopped when she saw her best friend and Woo Jin looking in her direction.

"No we do not know" Precious replied with humor in her voice.

"What are you two doing here so early?" Tale asked looking at Su Yan for some explanation

"Food and clothes. So they claimed, don't look at me."

"We should sell them both on eBay," Tale walked closer to them as she talked cheerfully.

"I'd like that, give me a much needed vacation." Woo jin cut in while heading to the dinning for breakfast

Precious looked from her friend to Su Yan as she nodded her head smiling from ear to ear

"It's not what you may think,"

"I think nothing," Precious replied as she followed Woo Jin to the table

"What are we going to do with those two?" Su Yan sounded like a father worried over his kids.

"Still standing behind selling them on eBay."

Tale laughed as his frown deepened.

"Time for breakfast, I got you cookies and tea."

"You got me what now? I'm not queen Elizabeth."

"Just move!" Su yan shoved her to the dinning as his heart skipped a beat.

What if she remembers what she said last night, then what?

What if she forgets, then what?

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    《Love, Tale》