Love, Tale
78 ...after a cup of tea
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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78 ...after a cup of tea

"Will you?" Tale asked more sure of herself and what she wanted...

"Well are you sure about this?" Su Yan asked more confused than ever when she nodded her head in response and walked past him into the room. She needed to not look at him right now or his perfect biceps. Was this even a good idea, her thoughts were beginning to crumble on each other.

"Your room or well mine which is technically yours too but I think the bed upstairs is more comfy and cozy but still quite cold because of the rain."

"What's going on?" Su Yan closed the door and turned towards her fully.

"It's a cold night and I just wanted to cuddle with my ..." she paused as she had not actually called him her boyfriend out loud.

"Cuddle? Oh wow you meant sleep together on the same bed?" Su Yan exclaimed as he felt somewhat relieved.

"What did you--? Oh I get it now." her realization clearly shown on her face. She didn't notice her words could be easily misinterpreted. "You must have thought me crazy for a minute."

"I just call it bold."

Tale quickly climbed into bed lying down right in the middle, leaving Su Yan staring at her like she just popped out from a music box.

"Either way you lay down, I'd be close to you," she explained when she was done arranging the sheets around her.

"Look at you being near romantic all of a sudden."

"Just get into bed already."

"and still bossy," Su Yan shook his head as he stood rooted to where he was.

"What are you doing?"

"Not moving until you appease me," he replied half sternly because he knew the woman he was with would never comply.

"Say what now?" Tale gave a half hearted laugh as she threw a pillow at him which he caught with a good arm.

"That did not go as planned," she complained quite disappointed that he wasn't moved from the spot he was.

"Pillow fight it is then!"

"What? No, Su Yan don't you dare," her words fell on deaf ears as he was already heading towards her. Guiding herself with another pillow Tale delivered the first hit, which did nothing to Su Yan since the man was probably carved out of a rock. She on the other hand may have been cut off from a nice piece of bread.

Su Yan paid her back in full as he delivered light hits with the pillow he held, letting her get to him as much as she could when she wasn't laughing.

"Man down!" Su Yan exclaimed falling on the bed finally acting like he's been shot when her pillow touched his face. "Man down, soldier wounded, send help."

Tale played along as she placed her hands on his chest imitating a CPR treatment. She pinched his nose and held on as she placed a gentle kiss on his cheeks and then his lips.

"Okay I think I'm great now," Su Yan talked with his eyes still closed. "Actually more mouth to mouth will make the pain go away faster."

"Look who thinks he's smart. Get up soldier-not-so-sleek."

"I am sleek and you know it," he said as sat up carrying her up

with him


"Your room or mine?"

"Yours, upstairs is really cold," she replied in a tired voice while she rested her head on his shoulder, finding comfort there and in the scent of him.

"You got it."

Fee minutes later Tale was wrapped up neatly beside him as she fell slowly into sleep.

Su Yan turned off the night lamp and drew her closer to him. Life seemed perfect again, his feelings were valid and pure and he felt lucky enough the woman beside him felt so too even if he must have wore her down a bit.

"Are you asleep yet?" Her sleepy voice, low and seductive.

"Almost, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just like this. This feeling, right now, right here, with you. It feels just right."

"Me too."

"Sleep well okay."

"I will," Su Yan replied staring at the ceiling while his hands stroked a few hairs on her head.

She was sleeping now he assumed.

"I think I love you, but I'll be sure in the morning after a cup of tea and maybe some cookies." her words soft but sharp enough to cut through the dark of night right to his soul.

Every feeling of sleep cleared off for Su Yan. "Tale, What did you say?" his question was followed by her steady breathe, she was now sound asleep.

OK what just happened? Su Yan asked no one in particular.

Now he couldn't wait for the morning light to come, he needed to know.

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No answer. She was fast asleep while Su Yan replayed her words in his head over again knowing she was not going to be aware of what she had changed in him, forever.

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    《Love, Tale》