Love, Tale
77 sleep with me tonight...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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77 sleep with me tonight...

"Tale! Come here I wanna show you something!" Su Yan yelled from his study on a rainy afternoon. The sun had shone brightly early in the morning of that day and in a flash the rain came down heavily as well.

"What is it?" Tale yelled back from the kitchen where she was making honey fried chicken. Its been two days since her first ever drunk night and she was way past the hangover phase and gladly things were back to normal with Su Yan. They went out to see a movie the day before and asides from when she dozed off during the movie, it was a beautiful date.

"What is it?" she asked again as she stood at the door of his study wiping her hands with a napkin. "This better be good, you pulling me out of the kitchen like that"

"It is good, come on over here and look, a gift for my little sister, want you to help me pick it out."

"Why? Coz I'm a girl and should know what a fellow girl like me wants"

"Well no. Yes. Su Yan said like he was thinking of his answers

"Fine, I'd help since you are begging."

"But I didn't"

"Make no further plea; I am here to save you!" she mocked him as she raised one hand up like a super hero about to fly off to a save.

"But I didn't --


Su yan narrowed his eyes at her and shook his head as she pushed him away from his computer.

"Here we go". Her smile faded as quickly as it had appeared. "What is this? Tale asked pointing to the screen.

"That is a bracelet."

"Will she like it?"

"A bracelet for me."

Tale turned a frowning face at him. "You said you were shopping for your sister!"

"…and me," he completed innocently.

"I have no words but I love the bracelet. It looks like its got powers or something like that.

"It's called a jade bracelet.
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"Oh wow, that sounds mystical. What does it do?"

"In early china, it was actually called 'Yu' also known as a royal gem."

Su Yan went ahead to tell her all about it and what it actually symbolizes as she listened on with keen interests.

"You should definitely get one."

"I am kind of confused on the designs," there were so many and he was truly confused.

"You know what. I am hungry and got a good meal on the stove," Tale talked as she stood taking his hand in hers as she led him to stand. "Why not I help you when I have a stomach full with good food. I promise I would help you pick out a design and stand out on the driveway till your own order arrive."

"You are mocking me aren't you?

"You bet baby" Tale responded as she patted his face like a mother would a child " Food is ready."

"Yes mum" Su Yan turned off his computer as he followed her back into the kitchen

So they talked about different foods in their culture they were sure the other might not enjoy over dinner.

"If I ever go china I think the first thing I would try is a dumpling, I hear its widely loved." Tale mentioned when her plate was filled with chicken bones.

Su Yan looked up from his plate with a blank expression. He quickly imagined Tale in his country. With him.

"Or not."


"You looked pale after I talked about dumpling. I guess that is a wrong first choice."

"No, its excellent. I would make sure you have enough of it when you do come over."

Tale smiled showing her teeth.

"You know I do like it here," Su Yan spoke after a few seconds of silence.




"It's a quiet life."

"Some would disagree with you, actually make that most people. with me leading the pack."

"I know, but this corner that I fill," He looked around as he said it. "It is quiet and I like it."

They sat at the table talking for a long time, by the time they were done they decided to do the dishes together and retire to bed.

"Good night," Su Yan told her when the chores were done.

"Good night" Tale replied as she rushed upstairs to her room to get ready for bed.

Tiny footsteps sounded in the hallway a few minutes later alerting Su Yan. Since no other noise was made prior, he could only guess it was his girlfriend sneaking into his room for the tenth time but this time a knock sounded followed by her voice as she called his name.

"Are you still up?" she spoke from the other side of the door

Su Yan walked to the door, opening it immediately, thinking of what could be wrong. What he saw halted him.

It was a cold night alright but she opted for his sweatshirt which was his favorite, her hair she had packed into two large braids and nothing else. Her feet were bare and probably cold. There wasn't much to her look but that was the point.

"Will you sleep with me tonight?" Tale asked in a rush before she lost all the courage she built up to ask him this one question.


She stepped in closer to him, not aware of the effect she had on him in that moment or what thoughts her words sparked.

"Will you?" Tale asked more sure of herself and what she wanted.

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    《Love, Tale》