Love, Tale
75 Naked
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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75 Naked

...She closed the door quietly behind her and took a much needed deep breathe.


Tale got into the bathroom and sat in the tub as she filled it with water. The water felt nice, really nice, so she sank herself into it for a second, letting it soak her brown curls. When was she going to get a trim, she asked herself again.

Scenes from the night before flashed, not all of it, but she remembered enough.

How can I face Su Yan now she wondered, she had sexually harassed him, screamed at him, chased him out of his bed, he had seen her naked. She didn't want to deal with the aftermath.

She wasn't ready to see him yet, so after her much needed shower Tale found herself in a comfy oversized tee shirt, climbed into bed and shut her eyes to the memories.

"Can I come in?" Su Yan stood at the door of the room he gave her with the breakfast he made her nicely seated on a tray.

She nodded but buried herself deeper under the sheets.

"You need to eat," he dropped the tray and opened the drapes.

"I need to be inconspicuous as possible. I am missing time from about 11.25pm to this morning."
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Su Yan shook his head at her. Only a woman like Tale will make it a point to remember the actual time she lost time. "You had your first drunk night, and it was fun!"

"I don't remember it." Tale mumbled with a frown on her face.

"No I meant it was fun for me," he was trying to make her relax so she smiled

She sat up adjusting the blanket around her waist. "I am sorry Su, for anything I did that may have—"

"Stop it," he smoothened her damp hair. "I loved every minute of it, drunk and all," he brought the tray close to her. "You need to eat; I made eggs almost like you do."

"Almost. Thank you, for looking after my ass last night"

"No girlfriend left behind." he had just gotten out the shower himself and he looked like a ragged doll as his hair spiked in all directions.

"I know right," she tucked some hair behind her ears. "Want to join me?" she asked as Su Yan stood up to leave.

"Well how can I refuse?"

Tale made room for him on the bed, "Want to tell me what I did last night?"

"You were the belle of the ball…" he cut some bread for her as he told her the events of the night.

She found herself laughing at herself as he told her all about it, demonstrating with his hands as much as he could about it all.

She had thrown up on his lawn and he was surprised she hadn't done it on the ride home. Ten minutes later she passed out on his couch, he was going to help her with her shoes and get her to bed when she woke up to yell at him.

"That must have been awesome!"

"Yelling at me?"

"Hells yeah."

When silence creped in, Tale spoke.

"About seeing me naked. Did you?" she pointed at her body to indicate what she meant.

"You did well enough on your own, plus you kicked me out of the room before too much came off."

"Wow, I don't know who my drunk self is."

"I do like her; she is fun."

"I bet she is," she took a sip of the steaming tea he made. "Did I say or do anything else?"

"You did tell me about your status."

"That I'm dating batman?"

Su Yan looked at her with a straight face until he couldn't anymore as he smiled at her quirk.

"Oh no I didn't!" Tale lamented into her cup of tea as the realization hit home.

"Happy drunk."

"Holy moses! That's it I'm going back home tonight."

Su Yan laid back and crossed his legs as he watched her run around trying to pick up her things.

"Don't gimme that look." Tale remarked pointing one pair of her shoe at him.

"I love when you rattle."

Tale walked into the walk in closet not knowing what to actually carry along with her.

"You lost?" Su Yan asked from behind her.

"I'm sure you think I'm a weirdo at this point, don't come closer."

"At this point? Sweetheart you've always being a weird one."

Tale forced the smile that was starting to form on her lips back down and failed.

"What now?" she asked exasperated

"I am not with you because you are a virgin, it wasn't even a known fact initially so why would I base my feelings for you on it? I just think that's part of what makes you beautiful"

"What if I wasn't?"

"Doesn't change a thing for me," Su Yan came to stand in her front as he bent down to her height.

"You need to rest a bit more for me, I have a few work to attend to, I'd be in the study if you need me."

"I had a speech before now, I forgot what it was," Tale said with an accusing tone.

He gave her a wink taking the shoe she had held on to firstly in the name of leaving and led her back to bed.

He gave her forehead a kiss before leaving her to rest.

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    《Love, Tale》