Love, Tale
74 bonding momen
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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74 bonding momen

...She said to thin air as she retired to her bed for the night.

Friday morning, 10.30am. Government Residential Area Phase two.

Sharp ray of sunlight burned Tales eyes as she fluttered them open so she shut them back again quickly. She felt her head ache badly as she slowly came fully awake. Covering her whole body with the duvet, she curled up and breathed heavily. She didn't know what the time was but she knew it wasn't early.

She slowly opened her eyes again, wincing at the pain the light caused her, she turned to her side and saw something black hanging off the night lamp. Was that her bra?

She sat up abruptly at the realization that it was.

"Oh no, no! No way God no. Please no. What have I done?"

Raising the duvet up she saw she was entirely naked.

"I'm dead,"

She steadied herself as her head kept pounding before standing up carrying the bedspread with her.

Events of the night before came back slowly,

She remembered herself dancing on Su Yan, more like harassing him now that she thought about it, but that was all she remembered.

She picked up her dress and her underwear lying on the floor. She was in his room, more reason for her to freak out.

She passed herself in the mirror that was kept in a corner and her breathe caught, her hair was in more mess than it has ever been and her makeup was smeared on her face. What happened last night?

She prayed not to run into Su Yan as she opened the door.

Luck was not on her side as he was waiting for her, he definitely was as he looked at her with interest sipping what she assumed was tea.

"Whatever happened last night! Don't tell me," she held the bedsheets tighter to her chest as she tried to hide her underwear under the sheets.

"Are you sure? You sure are a feisty little devil." Su Yan speared her a wink as a smile formed on the corner of his mouth.

"Please tell me we didn't, do it?" her hands waving back and forth between them.

"It means what?" Su Yan dropped his teacup and stood up. He still wore his clothes from the night before and looked like he hadn't slept well enough.

"Don't play dumb."

He was going to, he looked forward to this morning.

"I can definitely say last night was a real bonding moment that I will cherish forever." he stepped towards her.
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"Oh no!" she prayed for aliens to come abduct her. "We had sex?" her eyes widened as something like fear filled them, was her first time going to be a memory she could not remember. "Kill me now!"

"I can't kill you, that will be too cruel."

"Wipe that smug look off your face!" Tale yelled at him as he deepened his expression. "Whatever happened don't tell me I don't want to know," this was too much for her to swallow at once so she turned to the stairs.

"Know what, that we didn't have sex?" Su Yan watched her face as the realization hit.

"We didn't? We didn't! Then why-why am I naked?" she asked him accusingly. "What happened? Why was I in your room, and my clothes, how did I get out of them?" her frown deepened.

"Why? So you don't remember how you threw up on my lawn, passed out cold on the couch and then woke up again and just needed to talk or you promised you were going to kick me out of the house. I must add you are one happy and chatty drunk, then you proceeded to my room as you tore your clothes off and fell asleep in my bed."

"You saw me naked?" she was going to faint.

"Ironically it was the only way to get you covered up."

That was it, she turned around heading for her room. She didn't want to hear anymore.

"Where are you going?"

"To board a plane, that is probably heading for a mountain side." she climbed up the stairs as fast as she could.

"Bring me back a souvenir." Su Yan replied in same tone.

"Don't joke right now!" Tale yelled from the top of the stairs. She wasn't sure how she felt, asides the hangover there was something else.

She was simply embarrassed!

She closed the door quietly behind her and took a much needed deep breathe.

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    《Love, Tale》