Love, Tale
73 stand and look pretty...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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73 stand and look pretty...

..."I can't find Tale!"

Woo Jin looked up smiling at him as he pointed to the dance floor. "Relax, she is having the time of her life and Precious is with her."

Su Yan was already up on the dance floor. He wasn't sure if he should be turned on or upset.

Tale and Precious were sandwiched by two guys as they were clearly having the time of their lives dancing, twisting and turning and smiling.

Tale looked like she was dancing more with Precious than the boy behind her.

When Tale saw him she broke off from the pair and walked towards him, beckoning him to join her. He refused as he tried pulling her from the floor.

"What's wrong? Don't want to dance with your girl?" she looked up at him as her hands slid up his arms until it settled on his neck. "Common, let me have this dance."

"Are you drunk?"

"Yes, on life, I think. Common!" she pulled him back into the dance floor

"I don't want to."

"Good, just stand and look pretty." Her next move got him on the edge as she bent forward and moved her waist on him giving him a view he wasn't going to forget in a while. A few seconds later people cheered her on as she undid him bit by bit.

Su Yan wasn't surprised she could dance, Nigerians had a knack for dancing and every year new steps were introduced and it always caught on. Compared to some, she wasn't really good, but that waist and the way she moved.

Woo Jin eyes widened from where he sat observing them both. "You lucky duck" He muttered into his drink before finishing it.

"OK time to go." Anymore of her body rubbing off on his and his blood will be rushing in the right places at the wrong time.

"Not until you move that body of yours, I promise you will like it."

With Precious cheering on he did.

"See, that's not so bad, common just do as I do."

She moved more slowly from side to side, as she guided his movement to fit hers slowly moving his hands to cup her waist and letting him settle there. She drew them closer before she continued her little assault.

The crowd closed in on them as everyone got taken over by the music.


"I had so much fun tonight. I could see myself doing this again, someday or not." Tale felt like throwing up, dipping herself in a pool, lying down on the shore of an ocean, something, she wasn't sure yet.

She shouldn't have taken that last drink. Good to know she could not hold her liquor. She and precious walked out of Atmosphere hand in hand.

"Definitely not, girl you are drunk."

"I beg to differ."

Precious had her leaning on Su Yan's car. "Time to take your girl home, it's way past her bedtime."

"Tell me about it."

"I'm right here, no talking about me." Tale retorted.

They both shook their head at her. "I would be going now."

"I'd drop you off." Woo Jin offered.

Precious was still scared of her safety so she agreed.

"Good night Su."

"Good night."

"What about me?" Tale who had closed her eyes for a while asked.

"You are coming with me." Su Yan opened the front seat and helped her get settled. He rounded the car and got in as he did her seatbelt.

"Should never have let you drink."

"You're not the boss of me." she closed her eyes as they were starting to spin.

He couldn't help but smile at the situation.

"What did you drink anyway?"

"I may have taken your drink while you went to go see your colleague."

He blamed himself. "Just close your eyes and rest."

He pulled out of the parking lot and into the not so busy streets and headed home.
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Forces Avenue…

"Thank you for dropping me off."

"It is my pleasure. It is my duty to make sure everyone around me is safe."

"That is good to know. If I ever need a bodyguard, you will be it."

"If I do get paid, sure why not?"

Precious laughed. "Thank you again," She undid her seatbelt.

"You are welcome."

"Good night."

"Good night Precious."

Precious watched his car drive out of the estate from her window.

"It wouldn't be a bad idea to explore the idea of scratching the itch I have for you Woo Jin."

She said to thin air as she retired to her bed for the night.

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    《Love, Tale》