Love, Tale
72 a package deal.
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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72 a package deal.

...Chi speared Su Yan a wink as she walked away.

Their drinks were served and she took a sip tasting the drink.

"This tastes nice," Tale said before she gulped the glass down.

"Did you just…" Su Yan blinked in surprise.

"What? Did I do it wrong, I see people drink it like that in movies."

How can she look so innocent, he asked himself. "No it's OK, I'm sure you can hold your liquor."

"Common, let's get the whole view," He stood up to take her to an open booth that looked almost reserved. It featured a black curtain that could be left open or closed.


"Don't think I haven't noticed you being on edge," Woo Jin said loudly so his voice was heard over the music that was now humped up.

"I am fine; I'm just stressed from work and all," Precious replied. She knew she wasn't, she didn't want to belong to the bad stereotype.

"You haven't been going to work." he stated clearly.

"How do you know that?"

"I know a lot of things, most times," He said as his expression remained unchanged. A waiter served them a second round of drinks as he continued "What is the problem?"

"It is just something work related."

"I guessed that much, what is it?"

"You are nosy and just a tad bit pushy you know that."

"I get paid for it. I can't help it."

"I'm sure you can't. Like I said it is work related." Precious sat up as she downed her drink.

When his gaze didn't leave her face she continued. "Since you really want to know, I have this student of mine who wants me to help pass him in the upcoming exams. He offered a bribe nonetheless."

"Do you want to take it?"

"Absolutely not. I do not want to but I guess I am just questioning a lot of things about myself."

"You shouldn't, you are intelligent and smart. You'd figure it out."

He just paid her a compliment but his face showed he said it as a fact not meant to flatter. "You really think so?"

"Yes. Nothing can go wrong, you have me, and Tale."

Did she have him? "What about Su Yan?"

"Well Su Yan and Tale are now a package deal."

Precious smiled as she raised her glass to his. "Well then, to a night of forgetting our worries and just, living."
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"I'd drink to that." Woo Jin replied as their glasses clinked.

"Sweetheart I'd be right back." Su Yan had sighted the right hand man to the minister of works and development walk in and was headed to the VIP lounge of the club. He needed to talk to the man about plans on Lagos. They had sent him an email concerning it the day before and he held off replying.

"Sure." She replied absent mindedly as her eyes were focused on the people on the dance floor.

"I won't be long OK."

"OK." She gave him a smile before he left.

A waiter brought a second and third round of drinks Su Yan had ordered and in a moment of curiosity she turned his into hers and drank.

The taste didn't agree with her but she continued to drink it slowly.

Tale thought of how her bosses' would have a back flip if they ever got to see her now, looking the way she did. But that wasn't to be her problem tonight. She stood up, drinking the last content of her glass and walked to the dance floor, a boy probably same age as her extended a hand to her, urging her to the center of the crowd, she obliged. Maybe it was the drink. She agreed it was and let herself go.

Precious and Woo Jin who just got on the dance floor sighted her as the guy she was now dancing with was going to places he shouldn't. Tale slapped his hand before they got to her as she changed her position and faced him smiling.


"Hey Precious, Woo Jin! Dance with me!" she screamed over the music.

She was getting drunk.

Precious took over as she gave the boy a gentle shove. Thank God Su Yan wasn't here to see him, he would have lost his hand for sure.

Woo Jin smiled as he gave them some space.

He was only gone for ten minutes. Su Yan walked to the booth he had left her in to find it empty. People on the dance floor cheered on for someone he couldn't see from where he stood.

He circled round to find Woo Jin.

"I can't find Tale!"

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    《Love, Tale》