Love, Tale
71 ...the best view in the house...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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71 ...the best view in the house...

...He bent down to kiss her forehead before leaving and closing the door silently behind him.

Tale settled on a little black ruched dress with an off the shoulder neckline. She took her time with her makeup and wore a red lipstick to complement her nude makeup, her hair she styled in a half up half down style.

She completed her look with the shoe he got her.

"I'm ready!" she called from the stair case landing.

"I have been ready," His voice sounded from the living room where he was still working on his laptop.

"So what do you think?" she came to stand in his front.

"I think you do the dress more justice, you look… beautiful," she had legs for days.

She closed the gap between them as she toyed with the zip on his jacket. "I have you to thank for that."

"Do I get a lollipop?"

"I was thinking…" She brought her face close to his, she leaned in. "I was thinking, a kiss would be better."

"What?" when he got the memo that she wasn't going to kiss him, he frowned.

"I had you going good!"

She laughed at his face. "That's unfair but good. Stand by for my upcoming tat."

"Prepare to lose."

He held her hand as he closed off his laptop and carried his keys. "Ready for your first?"

When her eyes widened he corrected himself.

"First club visit."

"Let's go." She walked ahead of him. He tried his best to avoid staring at how good her ass looked in the dress, but a man would always be a man.

Atmosphere club, Government residential area, phase One.

"This is what a club looks like?" Tale exclaimed after they had passed the bouncers at the main entrance and were ushered in to the club. A young girl clad in what could easily pass for an underwear passed them as she winked at Su Yan and Woo Jin.

Precious and Tale exchanged looks.

"Hold my hand."

She didn't need to be told twice as she grabbed on to Su Yan like a child would if he was about to loose his mother in a crowded market.

He took her to the bar and Precious and Woo Jin found a spot for themselves in a booth. The square shaped dance floor opposite them stood a good two feet above the normal flooring and everyone on it looked like they had no problem in the world to think about.

He watched her look around with interest in her eyes.

"I can't believe some people find this fit to do every night."

"Some people have a lot they are trying to escape, what would you like to drink?"

"Drink?" she wasn't thinking of drinking as her focus was on the girl who was dancing in one of the three cages she just noticed. She bet she would never be that flexible in her life.

Su Yan followed her gaze. "Yeah, her name is chi."

"What? Look who is the player now."

"No, I was trying to score the job I came here for, and I hear the minister of works liked the atmosphere. Chi helped a little."

"That is indeed nice of her." She meant it.

The bartender asked what they would like to take then.

"Why don't you help me pick." Tale turned to Su Yan.

"I'd have a dry martini and get her a glass of cranberry juice."

"Disregard what he just said, throw some alcohol in it."

"Cranberry vodka, is that OK?" the bartender asked her.

"Yes." She didn't know what that was.
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Su Yan gave her a questioning look.

"I'm with you, I am safe. Besides my first right."

Chi who just finished her session from the cage walked up to them then.

"Hello Mr Su. Long time no see." She was clad in a blue fishnet top over a black bra with black super short shorts. Her heels gave her an added 8 inches.

She smiled at Tale and Tale returned the gesture.

"Hello Chi, how have you been?" Su Yan stood up to greet her.

"Business is good, always a man out there that needs to be pleased."

Tales mouth dropped.

"She means dancing. She is an exotic dancer," Su Yan explained when he saw her reaction.

"Who's this?" Chi asked.

"My girlfriend, Tale." he introduced as he gave Tale a wink and a seductive smile.

"Wow, look who finally dug into the Nigerian cookie bar. Hello."

Tale took the hand she extended. "Nice to meet you."

"If you want I could give you guys the best view in the house. Mr Su, what do you say?"

"Next time Chi, thank you."

"Sure. It was nice to meet you Tale. Duty calls." She speared Su Yan a wink as she walked away.

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    《Love, Tale》