Love, Tale
70 seeing you sparkle...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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70 seeing you sparkle...

"Don't be so quick sweety." Su Yan hugged her close as he took her further around.

Precious quickly got home and locked the door behind her.

She may be in danger or close but she wouldn't want anything to happen to Tale.


Government residential area, Phase two.

"Its been five days with you now and I feel like I'm keeping you hostage even if this is your house." Tale stood at the doorway to Su Yans' study that morning. She was wearing a shirt that could easily pass for a gown because of her height.

He looked up from his computer "Too bad you don't have a gun to my head." he joked.

Five days already, he didn't want to know that. It's been amazing having her stay with him. He finally found out she was sneaking into his room and had done so twice now but he knew he wouldn't have that satisfaction if he let her know. He had taught her how to say hello and shut up in mandarin and he was regretting the former.

She had taught him a few words of greeting in her language as well.

She tried to make him cook noodles and it's safe to say never again.

He had gotten a new XBOX 360 delivered because she had mentioned her brother Tayo loved playing and once in a while she played with him. He should have known what she meant as she sucked in playing video games despite his lack of knowledge for the sport. She sang in the shower and he noticed she sounded like Beyonce, without the talent of course.

Living with her was the best and smoothest transition ever to him and she was always a sight to see every morning.

"Ha ha, very funny" she walked to his desk then with a sad look.

"Come here."

She obeyed as she rounded the table to meet him. "What do you suggest we do?"

"I've been off my feet as much as I can. I think it's now safe to say it's time we go out."


"I've never been to a club before. You could be my first."


"You heard me. What do you say just this once. Although I do not know any club?"

"I think I know a few, from business associates, so let's do it. I would have to call Woo Jin to join us."

"As your friend or bodyguard?"


"Good." She stood up from his table "I'm going to go make a call to Precious to join us too. She kinda likes him."

"I know she does."

"You do? She's going to be so embarrassed."


"Because that is the way a normal girl who has it hot for a guy should feel." she saw sincere confusion on his face and laughed.

"I'm going to go get ready." She bounced up the stairs into her room to fulfill that.

Tales called Precious as she changed into a towel.

"Hello stranger." Tale talked.
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"Hey, how are you doing? Something wrong?"

"No, does something have to be wrong? I and Su Yan are going out tonight to a club and we thought you should be there."

"Why? Having a threesome?"

"Pig! Common it will be fun."

"I don't think so, you are no fun party. But I will come because it is better than staying at home alone."

"Don't blame me."

"I'm not. I'm actually happy you aren't here."


"So do I come to the house or meet you there?

"We would come pick you up, how's that sound."

"Like you two are now a happy married couple."

"No more words from you just get ready. We would come pick you up at nine."


It was now fourty minutes and she still haven't decided what to wear. So she laid down on the couch in the closet busy with her phone when the door opened silently. Su Yan walked to her bed and dropped a box of Jimmy Choo shoes on it.

"What is that?" she asked startling him as she fixed the fluffy white robe she wore.

"I thought you were in the bathroom?"

"Not anymore."

"Shoes for tonight." he replied.

"Precious could have handled that."

"No." he replied as a matter of fact.

She walked to the bed and opened the box carefully.

"Are these real?"

"Most of it."

She smiled as she recognized it. Since being back on social media, Instagram have been her favorite place to go.

She always looked for pictures of places, food, and fashion. It shocked her she had missed so much staying offline. The shoe he got her was the new gold and tan glitter pumps that recently just dropped. The 5inch beauty sparkled in the box.

"Wait a minute. I was looking at this days ago."

"You were? Funny how these things just works out isn't it."

"You didn't have to, I was only admiring it when I saw it."

"I didn't. But I love seeing you sparkle and I am gunning for the boyfriend of the year award."

"I see. I can easily put in a good word for you with the judges."

"Lucky me."

She laughed.

"Get ready alright."

"Thank you."

He bent down to kiss her forehead before leaving and closing the door behind him.

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    《Love, Tale》