Love, Tale
69 whatever the lady wants...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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69 whatever the lady wants...

...But he was going to be by her side through it all.

"If you are trying to butter me up. It's working go on." She turned in his arms facing him.

"How did I get lucky?" he asked.

"You took my chicken and forced me into the crazy idea of having you over for dinner that same night."

"Best decision I ever made!"

She lowered her gaze from his face. He was definitely made by Gods. "So how is Woo Jin in the mix."

"Woo Jin is first my best friend."

"We all have one of those." She thought of precious.

"And then he is my body guard."

She looked at him with surprise. "Your what?" it wasn't unusual for foreigners to have bodyguards especially in Rivers state as it was an oil producing state in the country but it was strange to her that he actually did. OK she wasn't sure how she felt right now.

"Why do you need one, are you the son of the president?" then she remembered he built roads.

"No" he searched her eyes for judgments, something different and found none. Just curiosity and interest.

"I guess building roads can be a risky business and you need your very own security."

She was right.

He nodded.

"Why did you come with just Woo Jin?"

"One was all I needed. Too much security attracts danger sometimes."

"Right on the money."

"And Woo Jin is the best. His father owns the best security establishment in all of China. They are very well sorted for."

"And you took the heir to the throne. Smart move"

"Thank you, thank you" he said like one who just gave a speech.

She laughed against him.

"Was that all you wanted to tell me?"

He had given her the basics of it all. He didn't lie to her, that much was true. He gave her the information that he felt she should know. Maybe one day he would take her to go see his side of the world, and she would like it.

But he had come to love the ordinary and the simple, maybe this was who he really wanted to be with her.

"I didn't want you to see me differently. I am still that ordinary guy trying to strike out on his own."

"I don't see you as anything else and you are not ordinary. Not many people who have the kind of opportunity you have would want to grow. They stay within the confines of mediocrity because their family has done all the work. You should be proud. Besides, I don't want your money."

"What do you want?"

Images of him sleeping half naked flashed in her mind again and she didn't realize she was smiling.

"You're smiling."



"A stroll." She had to say. "Let's go for a stroll."

"Whatever the lady wants."

What she truly wanted was to kiss him again, and maybe this time touch that beautiful body underneath those clothes.

She had never done gone further than kissing a man. She had been sure Chris was going to get her first blush of innocence but their relationship had ended well before she made up her mind.

Should she tell Su Yan that, would he be afraid to touch her if she does? She thought of the stories her roommates back in school do talk about. Some guys didn't like virgins, she worried if Su Yan was like that. Okay that was enough overthinking.

She jumped up.

Air and people would chase that thought out of her mind and keep it far.

"Call me old fashioned, but I'd like it if you hold my hands." she told him once they stepped outside his house and onto the sidewalks.

"And never let go." he completed as he kissed her knuckles.

She bit her lower lip.

Air and people wasn't going to help, no it wasn't!


He showed her around the estate and would have gone outside the gates but her shorts was short and he wasn't going to let her be looked at.

The stares withing the estate was enough.

Two Indian girls had given them a bit of disapproving stare to him being with her.

She noticed none as she oohed and aahed at pretty lawns and beautiful flowers. He bundled her closer to him.

When she saw a white woman pushing a baby towards them she ran towards them without thinking.

"He's so beautiful. What is his name?" She bent down to pet the little face that poked up in the pram. His hair was a mass of blonde curls.

The woman replied happily "His name is William."

"He is beautiful." she touched his cheeks and kissed his little hand as he grabbed on to her finger and cooed.

"Oh I am sorry, my name is Tale." she said it as it was spelt. "And this is my boyfriend."

Su Yan stepped forward then. "I'm Su Yan and he is a delight." he loved the way she lit up when she talked.

She introduced herself as Caroline and when she gave Su Yan a wink Tale didn't notice as she was back playing with William.

"Baby we need to go now" Su Yan told her sweetly.

"Okay, nice to meet you."

"You too."

"I like your neighbors." she said after they had walked a distance.

"Don't be so quick sweety." He hugged her close as he took her further around.
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    《Love, Tale》