Love, Tale
68 You“re not married, right?
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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68 You“re not married, right?

....Who was she going to tell now she thought?


"Time to take your pills!" Su Yan announced after he walked Woo Jin to his car and asked him not to call him even if there was an earthquake on site.

"No!" she cried, hiding her face in the couch she just sat on.

"Today is the last day; don't faint now that you are at the finish line."

She sat up on the chair and mimicked one who was fainting as she dropped back keeping her hands open and her tongue out.

"Well now we know you suck at acting."

She twitched then.

"OK now you are overdoing it and no one twitches when they faint."

"Well I have never fainted before." She stood up to take the pills he held and the water.

"I have, more like died. And something tells me I didn't twitch."

She swallowed the drugs before talking. "What could ever make someone like you faint."

"Pain." He said simply, he took the cup she had emptied and carried it to the kitchen.

"What kind of pain?" She was forgetting about his scar.

He pointed at his head then.

"She really came at you didn't she, your ex I mean?"

"She did."

"Jokes on her, you still look hot." She winked at him.

She was trying to make him smile and it worked perfectly

"And I have a hot girlfriend too." He could have sworn she turned red

"Do you not like me saying that?"

"I just don't hear it often or at all"

He was going to make sure she got used to it. "Well sadly you are dating me now which means you would be hearing it often . And stop looking like that, you look like a reindeer with your nose looking a bit red."

"Shut up. You told me you had a few things to tell me, right?"

He remembered then. "I do."

"You're not married right?" the question came out of nowhere but she had to ask. "Or have a family already back in China or something like that?"

"God no." she must have been worried over it and he felt bad. He framed her face in his hands as he looked into her eyes. "It's just you and me. I promise."

"So what are you keeping from me?"

A lot he thought.

"Why don't we sit to talk?"

"Ooh, story time." She chimed as she sat and patted the place close to her for him to join her.

He told her then of his family, his parents. He told her that they were in charge of the family business and it had been handed down from five generations.

He told her of his sister, how they never used to get along well but now they were getting close. Then he spoke of angel, how amazing she was and kind to all around her. He mentioned they had help around the house because it was a big house and it needed a few staff to keep it clean always. He didn't mention how they owned a whole estate worth over 100million dollars. He felt that didn't matter.

"How big is it?"

"It's big, a family house of course." He downplayed it.

"Well, if I ever visit your family house, be sure to note that I can offer my services of cleaning and decorating." She joked.

He laughed. She leaned into him as he told of his great great great great grandpa who started the family business the way his grandmother had once told him. He didn't speak of his grandmother disability but mentioned she was alive.

"Wow, that is amazing. So you all just follow that line of business?"

"Guess we all had the heart for it plus you don't really have much choice."

"Building roads, that had to be a hard days job."

"It was, it still is. But I love it."

"You have the hands of a builder." She brushed his little finger lightly before linking hers to his and holding on. "Its nice to see you love what you do and you are doing what you love."

"What about you?"

"I don't know. I studied accounting, and as a teenager it was all I wanted to be. Accountants ruled the world and could work anywhere, everywhere and they always looked smart. Now I don't know. Maybe I did love it, maybe I still do and it's just the place I work at that is making me feel like I'm not happy with it. Whatever it may be, at least I can say I did it."

"You should decide what you really love."

"I love beauty."

"So you create it all around you."

"if I don't who will?"

"You are intelligent, smart. You will figure it out."

He wanted to tell her to pick up what he now knew came easily to her. The woman could turn a dead abandoned room into a room fit for a queen.

But he was going to let her get there. He wanted her to know that her decisions were hers to make alone. But he was going to be by her side through it all.
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    《Love, Tale》