Love, Tale
67 How much what?
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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67 How much what?

...He smiled in return as he opened the door.

With a mastered frown on his face he opened the door and saw his best friend. "Woo Jin?"

"What? Are you two busy?" he gave him a knowing look.

"Get in."

"Woo Jin?" she said as he stepped in.

"You two are acting like I am a stranger."

"What was your first clue?" Su Yan bunched his hands in his pocket.

"We were about to have breakfast, come join us. I insist"

"I really can't. I have to get to work. I only came for a few more clothes." That was a lie, he came to actually pry.

"It wasn't a request."

He had over 100 squad of 15 men each under his command and here he was getting schooled by a girl.

He looked at Su Yan and saw a proud look on his face. He knew Woo Jin doesn't answer to any anyone but it was nice seeing his woman do so with ease.

"Hurry, the eggs would be cold now." She hooked a hand through his and pushed him to the table as Su Yan followed closely.


Port Harcourt City University.

Department of Physics.

"Miss precious" A face poked through her door. Her students were driving her crazy and trying their best to get on her good side as the exams draw closer.

"What is it now?" She replied with a rude tone sitting on her tongue.

It was Oke, one of the 'big' boys in her class. The guy never attended classes, and he was rumored to be in a cult. Dresses shabbily and looked like he lived on smoking. The saddest story was he used to be one of the brightest and best student in the physics department but like the bible said. Evil communication corrupts good manners. And it sure did.

This couldn't end well for her now could it?

"Ma I want to talk to you , e get as this exam be for me oh (1)" he said in pigin(2)

"I do not understand." she pretended to not know where this was headed.

"See ehn, we gets do this well if not (3)"

"If not what? She asked gently pretending not to notice that he had just threatened her.

"You have to make sure I pass because I can't fail. Failing would mean an extra year. And I no fit do am (4)


"How much?" he asked her

"How much what?"

"How much do I have to pay to get you to pass me?"

She raised her brows at him. "Read your books and that would be it."

"Madam, park well (5). See I have the money, anything you call I would pay."

"Oh I am sure you have the money Oke, but I will be no party to your useless and bad behavior, if you want to pass this course, you are going to have to read like the others. Now, I have entertained you enough and it is time for you to go."

"Are you talking to me like that?"

She was, but she was also scared. Students like Oke always got their way, but also with lecturers who always wanted their money and sometimes with the female students it was their body. She was the youngest lecturer in the campus and at that got many advances both cash and kind. That was why she had moved in with her best friend and none of her colleagues knew where she stayed now. She didn't dare tell them. But a student like Oke was a never happy ending. But taking a bribe on her course, she wouldn't do that, not now not ever.

"Leave my office please." she said cautiously.

He gave what he hoped was an intimidating look before walking out and slamming the door behind him.

What was she going to do now she thought? She was simply scared. She knew telling a colleague will be fruitless as this was almost a norm between a student who knew he would definitely fail and lecturers who exploited it to the fullest.

She packed up her bags and left the campus early. No one was going to be seeing her till it was exams, she made up her mind as she took a drop to the city, and home.

That was the only way she could be safe, for now.

It was revision week and that meant no lectures.

Who was she going to tell now she thought?
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    《Love, Tale》