Love, Tale
65 That“s my girl...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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65 That“s my girl...

...forgive Yang Mi for the pain she caused him and forgive himself for his mistakes.

He stepped out of his car carrying the big bowl of ice cream he got her as he walked into his house.

For the next two weeks, it was going to be home to him.


He found her dozing quietly in the living room, curled up on one of the couch. She looked serene enough he didn't want to wake her. He peeled of his jacket. He was about to pass to the kitchen to refrigerate the ice cream when he saw the dinning table was still set. She hadn't eaten yet.

"Oh no!"

He walked back to the living room to wake her.

"Tale!" he bent down to brush her cheeks with the back of his hands as she stirred awake. "Wake up, I'm back."

She opened her eyes slowly. "Hey, you're home."

He was home, for sure.

Removing a hand from under her head she smoothened his hair and touched his cheeks

"You didn't eat. Why?"

"I didn't want to eat without you. I just didn't." her face took on a sad puppy eyes look.

He was touched "Okay, I'm home now, let's eat OK."

She smiled as she stood up slowly. He carried her without her notice.

"Off your feet OK?"

"Sir, yes sir." she replied lazily.

He was tired from the work of the day but he didn't feel it anymore once those big brown eyes stared back at him and she smiled that beautiful smile. He could definitely see himself welcoming the idea of having her stay even longer.

"I missed you."

"I think I did, kinda."

"That's my girl." She leaned into him as he carried her to the dining room.

"Let's eat."

She obediently took her drugs for the night and went to bed early.

When he finally slept off after making sure she was well tucked into bed, he dreamt of her. In his dream she came into the room where he slept and stood over his bed, looking at him but not for long. She had a smile on her lips and admiration in her eyes; she turned to leave but stopped, came back to the bed and kissed his cheeks. She smelled good and it stirred his blood.

He was going to reach out to stroke her hair but she was gone.

Tale ran back to her room and closed the door quietly. That was a close one she thought but it was worth it. The man slept half naked and she didn't mind it at all, next to him she felt like a bag of potatoes. God created him on a Sunday (1) . She climbed her bed and closed her eyes to let her imaginations run free and wild.


With the morning setting in slowly, she climbed out of Su Yan bed and walked to the bathroom to get dressed for the day. It was her habit to get up early to tackle the business of the day, she couldn't help it, no matter how comfy his bed was or how much his room held his scent. She woke up late on rare occasions and she wasn't seeing that happening anytime soon, especially with her hot boyfriend on her mind . Technically she was in the mans bed already, getting the man himself into the said bed is an issue for another day. She settled on a white T shirt and a jean short, the only lengthy cloths Precious had gotten her were jean trousers, and she wasn't about to wear that indoors. Her curls were bundled up neatly on top of her head and today she picked up her glasses.

She walked down stairs to see him in the kitchen already. It took a moment for her to get her feet moving as he looked particularly good this morning.

He wore a simple black shirt and a nice beige shorts. His hair was still wet and spiked a bit. His scar was out in the open.

After seeing him last night, she now had a hate love thing for him wearing clothes. With a body like his he should be shirtless most of the time.

The seductive smell of male and cologne and soap filed the air. But her eyes went wary for the way he was staring at her.

She had to find her voice. "What are you doing, and why are you staring at me like that?"
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    《Love, Tale》