Love, Tale
64 You boring old accountant...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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64 You boring old accountant...

...She hoped it was him.

She opened it and a line of waiting staff from Orange held her lunch.

She had almost forgotten about that.

Well she could get used to being pampered she thought stepping aside for them to enter. They greeted her as they passed her into the house.

"Wow! Su Yan is pulling all the stops isn't he?"

She waited for them to leave before responding "Actually that was the bit I wanted to tell you before I got cut off. Come have lunch with me then I'd tel you all about it."

She was having good old pasta.

"What! He owns Orange?"

Tale nodded while taking a moment to chew her food.

"He does, he told me that this morning. I wasn't sure if I should be pissed."

"Pissed? I mean I get why you may be pissed but you are the girlfriend to the owner of one the best restaurant and lounge in the city."

"Yen Yen, I'm only his girlfriend. What he has doesn't really matter to me."

"Free food for life baby!"

"He would run at a loss if that happens."

"Turn off your brain for a minute please."

"But it's weird, you know having someone like him, interested in a girl like me."

"Oh really?"

"I'm not putting myself down, but it's true. What are the odds? Plus I think there's more. More stuffs he's hiding from me."

"As long as he isn't married."

"Amen sister."

They both took time to take some food off their plate before talking again.

"So tell me how exactly did he ask you out?"

"Oh, he was obnoxious about it but then again I guess he hasn't had much experience in that department." she told her friend how it all began.

"Holy smokes, you kissed him back. You boring old accountant!."

"Who you calling boring and old?"

"Look at you glow. Just promise me you won't be get pregnant because your mum will kill me."

"Not to mention I'll get suspended from work."

They laughed at the last remark as they finished off their food.

Tale took her pills and showed her friend the room she was staying in.

Precious was amazed at the closet too, they were birds of same feather for sure.

"Can't believe you let him get me new clothes though."

"I know, I know, but he really insisted. He redid the room for you too, so he told me."

"He did?"

"Yes. I should have known he had the money."

"You shouldn't have let him."

"I was only aware of the clothes at the time"

She sighed.

"Look, I know you don't know how to let someone in completely or even have someone take care of you in this way, but Su Yan is here for you, he wants to be, in every way. Let him."

"I hate it when you talk like that and make me feel bad."

"I'm just saying that you should let go completely, this might be the best thing ever, or a mistake. A sexy handsome tall ass mistake of course."

She laughed as they stepped out of the closet and walked to the balcony.

"He told me he has a few things to tell me." she couldn't stop thinking and worrying over what it could be.

"It can't be that bad, it just cant."

"Thank you. For everything you've done."

"You are in a relationship now, don't go all lovey dovey on me."

"Shut up."

It was 4pm before Precious left, and they agreed that as far as her parents knew, she was living with precious for her two weeks break.

Mr and Mrs Ire may like Su Yan, maybe a lot. But staying with him, they would have her head and not be pleased with him one bit.

Su Yan was beyond tired but he looked forward to going home. One of the contractor on site had issues with his car and it fell on him to drop the poor guy home. He found out Mr James Okoro (1) was a lovely man with a wife and kid whom he really adored.

He related to it as he had a woman of his own.

It was 8.30pm before he parked in his driveway.

He wondered if he was actually changing too much. Or maybe he was always this person, this person that cared deeply, smiled often, but it only took the right one to bring out this side of him.

He thought of Yang Mi, their early years together was good. They enjoyed each other company and she was always there to take him out to places he wouldn't step feet in if he were alone. But with each passing year, more of her character became evident.

When he had told her he was leaving the country, she had given herself to him, innocently he thought. He had believed it was special and he was her first, because she was his. What a lie that turned out to be.

There was nothing innocent about Yang Mi. He found out the hard way.

Tale, she was a beauty. A soft yet stubborn woman with simple ways.

For his sake and that of the woman he was about to go the distance with. He was going to finally forgive Yang Mi for the pain she caused him and forgive himself for his mistakes.
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    《Love, Tale》