Love, Tale
63 Your best nightmare.
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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63 Your best nightmare.

...he gave her one last look with admiration in his eyes.

Su Yan drove to the site of the construction as fast as he could. He knew he should be on site but Woo Jin was helping him. The faster he got things in check today, the sooner he could go back home to Tale.

When he left she noticed he didn't lock the door on her, she stepped out of his house and saw that the thought of leaving was not on her mind anymore. She took in the surrounding. Her google map said she was at GRA phase 1.

She looked to her left and saw two white men talking, one who wasn't listening but staring at her now. When he winked at her she felt disgusted. She walked down the stairs to the driveway and walked out to the sidewalk.

When she turned around to see the same man still staring at her and now smiling she walked back where she came and into the house.

She decided to talk to her parents and she did. After explaining to them that she was now okay, they calmed down.

She lied to them that she was living with precious for the two weeks and they tried convincing her to come home.

"I'm fine" she told them. "Precious is taking good care of me."

"Tell her thank you for us and do say hi to her."

"Yes mum, bye dad"

She didn't know what else to do so she wandered around the house, picking up things and looking at them with interests. Everything looked expensive but unique. It was actually a bachelor pad but it held brilliance and looked exquisite. She found his study and stepped inside. He must really like to read she thought, rows of book filled two walls from top to bottom. His chair was backed against the window that had been later rebuilt to fit his taste. They were all work books, books on building, books in his language .

Then she found a book about Africa and smiled.

The man liked to read.

She picked up the book and decided to read.

Su Yan drove to the construction site to find out the issue was soil erosion. He had conducted a good adequate ground preparation, how could this have come about. There was only one way forward and that was solving the problem. This was his first project outside of the family name but he still very much represented the Zhang and god forbid he delivered anything less than the best.

He called Tale, telling her he might be out the whole day. She understood.

"How is she doing?" Woo Jin asked his friend.

"Doing okay, and stubborn."

"She is made for you then."

"And I, her."

The two men set to work.


It was noon time before she heard the doorbell ring.

"Who is it?"

"Your best nightmare."

She opened the door to her best friend. "Oh look who it is, Mrs Grinch."

"You bet your sweet ass it is." Precious stepped in then, she went straight into the living room to make herself comfortable with tale on her tail.

"Su Yan asked me to check on you."

"Babysitter, really?"

"I'm not here to bite."

"I hope so, because i will bite back. How are you?"

"I'm so tired, I think I might borrow your resignation letter."

Tale dropped in the seat opposite her "What happened?"

"My students are the worse, with the exams coming up in a few weeks, they are driving me crazy. I feel like my effort during the semester is fruitless, they keep failing their tests with the exception of a few." She held her head in her hands while she vented.

"And you want to blame yourself for that, why?"

"I don't know what to think, Tale. I feel like I'm not doing my job right."

She stood then to go sit with her friend. "You do know you are a good lecturer. No argument there. They don't want to read, not your fault at all. But you aren't going to quit on account of that and you are not going to be blaming yourself for it too. Got it?"

"I can see you are well enough now." She changed the topic smoothly.

"I told you guys I was OK."

"You weren't. You did scare me, you scared us."

"I'm sorry." she meant it.

"So? Precious was her bright and nosy self again "How is it like living with temptation and sin in the form of a man?"

"The lord is with me, I shall not fall." Tale replied mimicking the voice of a preacher. They both laughed then.

"He's actually amazing and annoying a lot. Do you know he—"

The doorbell rang again cutting her short. She smiled at her friend before getting up to go answer it thinking it might be Su Yan returning early.

She hoped it was him.
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    《Love, Tale》