Love, Tale
62 Now i don“t want to leave.
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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62 Now i don“t want to leave.

...He liked what he saw. A lot.

Once in his room…

He tried to get how her good her body looked in the dress she wore as he stripped and went into the shower.

Women like Tale were even more dangerous, they seduced the body and soul. In the most innocent way ever.

15 minutes later…

The doorbell rang and she answered it, opening the door, she saw a line of five waiters and waitresses holding what should be her breakfast, each a different serving.

They greeted her as she let them inside.

"Who was it?" Su Yan walked into the living room after they had gone.

"Your staff." She noticed he wore black jeans now, and a thin white shirt. One day down, 13 more to go.

"The bread is nice." ten minutes later after he forced her to a sit while he set the table for them both.

"Freshly baked."

"Why did you buy orange?"

"If I remember correctly my girlfriend told me to invest wisely."

"Don't patronize me chicken."

He bit into his well buttered bread before he spoke again. "I felt it was a good decision, I thought I should go outside the normal family business and have something that belongs to just me, and it was the safest way to cover my feeding."

"You get hungry and you buy a restaurant. That's a valid reason." he smiled at her sarcasm.

"But I know owning a business in Nigeria isn't so easy."

He had no idea it wasn't , his money must have made it easy. "I had no issues, once I got it from the previous owners and the appropriate legal actions were taken, I simply turned it into what I wanted it to be."

"That's hot!"

When he looked up at her she grinned. When she turned orange juice in a cup for herself he snatched it away.

"You're taking water!" he dropped a glass of water in front of her.

"You are one more instruction away from being a dick-tator."

"I heard that."

"Mission accomplished."

"Eat more." he helped her with the bacon, loading her plate with more food

"Are you trying to get me fat?"

He smiled then. "As long as I can carry you."

"What plans do you have today?"

"I have cleared most of my schedule to be with you?"

She didn't know what to say, everything at this point seemed to be going at a fast pace.

"Do you not want me around?"

"I do. I'm just thinking, about your job."

"No need to worry, everything is going smoothly, I promise." he had so much to tell her.

"OK. The food is delicious."

"I wish I could say same for my cooking."

"You can always learn." She comforted him.

The things that made him happy now, he couldn't explain it.

He stood up then to get her drugs ready

"You are acting like my mum." she said when he eventually shoved the pills into her hands.

"And your dad, if you don't take them."

She threw her nose at him before taking the drugs.

When he cleared the table he took her to the sitting room and forced her to take her feet up.

"One would think I am really sick."

He sat at the foot of the sofa where she sat as he placed her feet across his legs. "I've never done this before, forgive me if I am being too crazy on the taking care of you part."

"I'm not mad at you."

He massaged her feet then and when his hands brushed the sole of her feet she laughed. "That tickles!"

He did it again for her benefit and his, as he loved to see her laugh. She snatched her feet from him the second time as she tried to pay him back in his own coin.

His phone ringing put an end to their little play.

"I'd be right back."

She sat down obediently.

"Whats wrong?" she asked noticing the frown on his face after he came back out. He dropped to sit beside her.

He took her hands in his and kissed them. "I have to go, work called."

"Is that it?" she turned to look at his face "Why do you frown then?"

"I don't want to leave you alone, I am so sorry."

"You are going to have to bribe me."

"Let's see, ice cream?"

"I was thinking a little more, much more." She released her hands from his as she pulled him to her, planting a kiss as soft as whisper on his lips. He kissed her back, slowly but thoroughly. His hands circled her waist pulling her closer while her hands warmed his neck, beckoning him to deepen the kiss. He did. He thought he was going to die from the glorious warmth of her.

He didn't want to leave now!

She pulled away, slowly, planting a kiss on his nose, his eyes were still closed.

"Now I don't want to leave."

"You will, coz I want my ice cream." She smiled at him

"Sneaky I see. Fine"

"I'd be here when you get back."

When he still frowned she smoothened his forehead. "I promise."

"I want you well rested, try not to do anything while I'm gone. If you feel anything, do call me OK?"

"A solemn promise." She kissed his cheeks to seal it. Seeing how worried he had been of her, she could only let him have his way.

"I'm holding you to it." He shrugged his jacket on as he gave her one last look with admiration in his eyes.
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    《Love, Tale》