Love, Tale
61 Funny. Off your feet now!
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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61 Funny. Off your feet now!

...he closed the door quietly behind him and went to bed himself.

She woke up early the next morning out of habit. She looked round and remembered where she was, what she didn't remember was the pillows that fenced her. He must have entered when she was asleep.

She went over them to the bathroom and turned on the lights. She still thought it was beautiful. She took a steaming hot shower. When she stood in front of the gold trimmed mirror she saw how thin her frame had gotten. She was thinner, she could see that now, her neck bones were too evident. She let her towel drop and took a look at her body. She touched a hand to the spot under her breastbone and pressed down on it. She smiled when she felt a little ache, light as a feather. She turned to her side and was happy to know her butt wasn't going anywhere. She got it from her dads side of the family. Her aunts and cousins were all curves no muscles.

She picked up the towel and wrapped herself before stepping out to the closet, she dressed herself up as slowly as possible in a white colored micro ribbed mini gown, the back was too opened for her but what could she do. Letting her hair loose and leaving her face bare, she walked out of the room.

She found the kitchen and was intrigued by the designs yet again. Out of the norm, she wanted breakfast ready for him before he woke up. She scanned his well stocked up fridge and settled on making pancakes.

She was searching for a bowl to get started when he walked in.

He looked rugged from sleep and his hair was a beautiful mess.

"What do you think you're doing?" he gave her no time to reply as he walked to her, closing the cabinet she just opened.

"What are you doing, plus is this how you greet good morning?" she retorted.

"Funny. Off your feet now!"

"You don't know how to cook!" she reminded him.

"I do not want you cooking or doing anything while you are here. Do you understand?" he made her sit on a stool at one end of the table in the kitchen.

"Not one bit."

He swept a hand through his hair. He had heard faint noises while sleeping and knew it had to be her.

"You just cant cook."

"I can." she stated clearly, standing up, as she tried to reach for the bowl.

"Tale, I ordered two weeks worth of food for us from Orange to be delivered fresh three times a day."

"You did what!"

"I said I was going to take care of you."

"That isn't caring, that is throwing money away. What is wrong with you?"

OK, he hadn't expected her to sound that way

"So what now? I just stay here doing nothing? I'm not a woman celebrating mothers day. How can you afford to make that kind of order?"

He looked at her face, it was unclear how she truly felt right now but happiness wasn't in the mix.

"I own orange." he delivered the info with care.

"Say what?"

Their morning wasn't meant to go this way. He ruffled his hair before sitting on the stool beside her.

"I'm really sorry for not telling you. I wanted to, but at the right time."

"You are not from the Netherlands, I heard it was bought over by—"

"I know that story, but it isn't true. I bought it over."

"And you thought the right time was after I agreed to date you?"

"No before that, but you fell sick and everything moved fast. I am so sorry."

She felt indifferent but it was a harmless information. "So you are telling me you have enough money to burn?"

He had more money than he needed. "I just want to look after you, to take care of you, I'm not going to hold back when I can just do it."


He took her hand in two of his. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I should have and I meant to, but hiding it wasn't in intent to hurt you. I need you to stay off your feet, everything will be done for you." he repeated.

"I can't believe you own Orange. It was you! No wonder we got the VVIP lounge."

He apologized again.

"Thank you, I appreciate you telling me the truth and wanting to take care of me."

He kissed her hands and when she smiled he thought it was over.

"I'm still going to cook."


"You heard me." She released her hands from his grip.

"You might have enough money to spend but your girlfriend is an accountant, you don't go around spending what could be easily invested."

"I own it."


He breathed out, what was he going to do with her?

"Let's compromise." she finally said. "For the trouble you've been through, how about I meet you halfway. I'm sure today is already set to be delivered so I would spare you today."

"What do you propose?" he listened

"Why not have them deliver on the weekends. I would take the time to take a rest."

"Five times a week."


"Four times a week. Sealed."

She smiled at him before stretching her hand for a handshake.

"Go shower." She ordered him.

He liked the sound of that, so he obeyed.

He took one last look at her before leaving the kitchen.

He liked what he saw. A lot.
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    《Love, Tale》