Love, Tale
60 I am happy, can you tell...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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60 I am happy, can you tell...

...It was a his and hers situation...

"These aren't mine." she recognized non of the clothes, everything was new.

"They are, just new."

"Why? Why did you do this."

"Am I not allowed to buy things for my girlfriend?"

"This is much, this is too much, this is really too much." She repeated because she didn't know what else to say. There were oversized sweaters, a few jumpers, gowns, blouses, a few pair of jeans, and some denim shorts, oversized T shirts and 7 beautiful slippers in different colours.

There was night wears and a pentagon shaped black mini hand bag. It was beautiful.

She could only recognize her makeup that had been neatly arranged on a layer in the middle section of the closet and a few jewelry in the midst of some new ones.

He watched her look at everything with an indifferent look.

"You didn't have to do this at all." she most definitely didn't want to be the girl to drain him.

"Do you not like it?"

She was going to complain but when she saw he looked a bit disappointed she kept her words in.

"No I don't, I love it." she walked to him holding up her hand as he took it and linked his hand to hers. "Thank you."

His heart skipped. "Don't! You deserve it."

"This is too much though and expensive, you should be saving your money not spending it on –"

"On my girlfriend?" He didn't know much about her country fashion designers and thought about searching for them but precious had advised him other wise.

They had decided to go with small fashion labels and he couldn't imagine how grateful she would be if it were high end clothes.

"You have said that word so much today."

"I am happy can you tell."

She hugged his waist.

"You need to get to bed now."

"Joy kill."

If he didn't leave now he was going to beg her to let him stay with her tonight so he released her and urged her to get ready for bed.

"OK dad."

He dragged himself to the door but not before she kissed his cheeks.

"Good night." she was smiling at him and looked comfortable now.

He was going to be awake thinking about her that's for sure.

"Good night" he kissed her forehead and rushed out of the room, he walked fast to Woo Jin's room and closed the door behind him. He needed to get in the shower.

She liked the way she made him feel and smiled at herself before walking into the closet to pick out what to wear to bed. She found a small silk pink tube top with a black lace at the hem and a matching shorts and shook her head, her friend was trying to set her up.

She searched more and found a comfortable T-shirt she could wear and picked up the silk pink shorts to go with it.

She closed the closet and walked to the bathroom. She looked at everything with interest. She expected the average bachelor pad, but she was impressed. She stepped into the marble bathroom, the chandelier was shaped in an S and she thought she was definitely getting herself that when she re decorate her apartment. He had a tub and the shower that she sure was going to have a good relationship with. Stacks of beautiful white towel neatly graced a cabinet opposite the shower. A magnificent mirror made with it's edges decorated with golden rhinestone was nailed to the wall over the sink. She did a little dance and laughed at herself before going over to check the second cabinet in the room and found the soap she usually used at home. A new set of toothbrush she had been so lazy to get, and a new sponge too.

She mouthed thank you, and thought of him.

She was no longer mad she was here, not at all.

She jumped up happy as she stripped and stepped into the shower.

On the other side of the house, down stairs. Su Yan was doing same.

After an hour of putting on a show in his bathroom she finally climbed into bed smiling at herself.

Her phone rang and she contemplated picking it up since it was late already.


"Sis!" her sisters voice sounded through the phone.

"How have you been?"

"No i should be asking. I heard you were sick, what's wrong?"

"Nothing I'm OK."

"You've been stressed."

"I am fine now, i assure you."

"I pray so."

"Who told you I was sick?" she didn't tell anyone yet and she was going to.

"Precious did. Although she said it wasn't serious and you are back home. But i strongly advise you go on a little leave from the office." she talked, not giving Tale a moment to respond.

"I did, for two weeks."

"Music to my ears. Rest well enough sis."

"I will, now it's late, go to bed."

"Yes mum."

She smiled at her patronizing voice "Good night."

"Good night sis."

She kept her phone on airplane mode and was asleep soon enough.


He stayed up working and decided to check on her.

She was fast asleep and not in a good way as she was almost at the edge of the bed. He didn't want to risk waking her as he did his best to take her to the middle of the bed as gentle as he could. He built a pillow wall around her, checked her head with the back of his hand and she stirred a little.

The switched off the night lamps and gave her one last look before he closed the door quietly behind him and went to bed himself.
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    《Love, Tale》