Love, Tale
59 What!
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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59 What!

...Was she going to google how to open a damn closet door now.

She gave up as she opened the door to the hallway in search of him. She realized she didn't know where his room was.

She was definitely going to win girlfriend of the year award.

She walked back into the room and picked up her phone to call him out.


He walked to Woo Jin room and grateful that they were both same in the aspect of hygiene. The room was sparkly neat and almost same with his. He had hired an interior decorator to reform his room in a day and paid extra for the job.

Tale loved beauty and he wanted that to be the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes in the morning.

He had told precious to shop for more clothes for her to wear while in his house and he trusted what she picked out.

He closed the door and picked up the phone to call his sister back


"Hello lil brother."

"I'm older than you."

"Out living life I see, did your housekeeper deliver my message?"

"I got your message." he wasn't going to tell her just yet about tale.

"You said you didn't need any help."

"I didn't get any help."

"So who answered your phone?"

"How have you been?" he avoided the question.

"I am well and so is mother and father."

"And angel?"

"The joy of the family, she's great!"

His phone rang cutting him off.

Was woo jin missing him already?

He looked at the caller ID and panicked in a minute as he thought something had happened to her.

"Can I call you right back?"

He hung up without letting her respond. He would apologize for that later.

He ran out of the room and found her at the stairs with her phone to her ear.

"Whats wrong?"


He boarded the stairs two at a time to come stand in her front.

"Are you OK?"

"Jeez, you are a grandma. I am fine, see." she raised her hands up and jumped to prove it.

"Don't do that again for the next two weeks!" he carried her up without so much as a warning.

She was too stunned to react as she let him carry her back into his room.

"Are you going to put me down?"

"I would but you look so beautiful up close"

"Well aren't you a lucky guy."

He gave her cheeky smile as he set her on her feet.

"I called you because I didn't know where your room was, and also because I can't get the closet door open."

It was now his turn to be surprised.

She walked to it and tired all she had before without any shame.

He was going to say something but now watching her display her ignorance was amusing and attractive enough. She looked so innocent. He thought it was obvious enough the door worked with sensors but he remembered how simple she leads her life and kicked himself. He was trying hard enough to please her, he should have left the old slide doors in.

She turned to him after she shook the door obviously at a loss.

"Don't just stand there, and wipe that look off your face."

"I love seeing you rattle." he folded his hands in front of him not moving.

"You said it was a closet not a cage!"

"Let's see, I wonder if I say "open door" if that will work."

The doors slid open with ease and her jaw dropped.

"What! I mean what!"

He looked at her, happy about her reaction, he was grateful she didn't pretend to not be impressed.

"Oh my God, the door can hear us, this puts a meaning to the words The walls have ears, except in this case it's a closet, close it I want to try." she was too excited for her own good.

He laughed at her as he said "close"

It slid close smoothly.

"Open door" it slid open at her voice.

"This is amazing" she stepped in and the lights came on. She didn't know if she should be amazed at the lights or the clothes that were so perfectly arranged it made her heart sing.

There was a huge 7foot mirror gracing the middle of the closet, made from the same wood as the closet shelves.

Two semi curved sofa were put in the middle backing each other to form a circle, they had a monochrome color to them putting a little bit of edge to the color scheme of the closet.

"This is amazing, I like it here." she looked back and saw him smiling at her as he leaned on the entrance of the closet

I'm sorry, you probably think I am a local girl at this point, because I am."

"Oh I know I just love watching you" she turned back and that was when she noticed the clothes that probably should be hers took half of the closet and the other half held Su Yan clothes.

It was a his and hers situation...
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    《Love, Tale》