Love, Tale
58 i was mad, and sleepy...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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58 i was mad, and sleepy...

...but today had truly been a long day.

She had kissed him, just went for it and loved it, every second of it.

She had said yes to his twisted proposal cause she had just wanted to take a leap, for she knew if she really thought about it her answer would definitely be no.

Good things never last and he was a good thing, she couldn't deny that. Then she had been jealous for no reason. Where had that even come from?

Now she was to live with him for two weeks.

He was going to give her more time to stare at his door, not that he wasn't appreciating the view. He had said it before, the woman could walk into a room backwards and get whatever she wants.

"You know you can't stay there for long, besides you have been on your feet enough for today."

She turned then.

When she didn't say anything, he shortened the distance between them. "What's wrong?" she saw genuine concern in his eyes. That touched her


"Are you sure?"

she shrugged "No"

He walked to her and took her to a chair.

"Do you feel any pain, Precious was light on the spice."

"I'm fine, really I don't feel any pain. I just— I've never stayed with a man like this, you know" she gestured with her hand.

"You seem to be forgetting, you are my girlfriend and a jealous one at that."

"I wasn't jealous, I was mad, and sleepy."

He smiled as he touched a finger to her chin.

"I told you before, I want to take care of you."

"And I told you I can take care of myself."

"That is what you think, you see vulnerability as a weakness."

"Because it is. Everyone has things they deal with, no need to add to it with mine."

"Wrong. I see it as an appealing side to a strong, really stubborn, intelligent and resilient woman. But I also can never stand aside while someone I care about is stressed out to the point of falling sick."

"I feel like I have no say."

He took her hands in his "You do my lady."

"My lady?"

"Oh I'm sorry, bunny"

She smiled then "We have only been dating a few hours and I'm already—"

"Don't say it. I want you here. What happens while you are here is on your terms but I want you here."

"So if I want you sleeping in the kitchen you'd do it"

He looked in the direction of the kitchen before nodding "Besides Woo Jin left his room to me."

"How nice of him."

"He didn't have a choice"

"How unfair"

They both laughed.

"So tell me you'd stay."

"I thought that was already decided for me?"

"Precious is a soldier."

"True, you are not wrong."

"Time for your drugs!"

"Can I refuse?"

"Not a chance."

It was when she had taken her drugs and Su Yan had made her take a bowl of mixed fruit Precious had packed up for her, did she go back to the room she had woken up to.

"And you said my house was nice"

"And I meant it."

"Yeah right."

"I was inspired by yours actually, had a designer come in and give it little spin."

"What? No way"


"I'd have done it for free."

"Would be sure to hire your service next time."

He loved the simple flow of conversation, flowing from one topic to the other with ease even after she had tried to be angry at him.

She would always be worth it.

They climbed the stair case together.

"We are staying together for now so there is no need for you to walk me to the door."

"Anything I can do to spend more time with you and also to make sure you get used to me being a clingy boyfriend."

"How sweet!"

"I can hear the sarcasm in that"

"Oh good, you heard me."

"Your clothes are in the closet, and your phone is on the night stand."

Because she was still new to all these she nodded as she listened to him

"Good night. It's your room but you are not allowed in. got it?"

He bundled her into a hug "Good night". He couldn't tell how happy he was to really have her in his life, she was his girlfriend. He would have sworn he was happy when he was awarded the bid to build roads for her government but that was nothing compared to how he felt now.

He kissed her on the forehead before she walked into the room closing the door behind her.

She leaned against it smiling, she heard her heart whisper she was home but denied it as she shook herself out of it and walked to the closet.

She pulled the door to the left, it didn't open. She did to the right, nothing. She knocked on it and still nothing, she tried pulling it out and pushing it in, still nothing.

She tried shaking the door and it still didn't bulge. She searched around for a button and found none.

Was she going to google how to open a damn closet door now!
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    《Love, Tale》