Love, Tale
57 I“d sit anywhere far from you...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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57 I“d sit anywhere far from you...

Woo Jin and Precious exchanged glances smiling...

Immediately the two men where out of the living room her face demanded answers.

"You are in on this?" she repeated after wiping her cheeks of Su Yan kiss. She was fighting to stay mad at him and failing.

"I am in on this for your damn sake."

"You keep saying that all the time. What is this? How long are you going to keep punishing me for—"

"Punishing you? No I'm helping you." she retorted trying not to sound rude. She could see her friend has been through enough for one weekend

"I don't see it" she replied stubbornly

Precious breathed in before answering her friend.

"Consider this an intervention. Su Yan likes you, no he adores you. If you go back home, I know you, you will go back to work without a second thought, so it was only logical to have him take care of you."

"That is not reason enough. I mean you live with me now and its easy to get--"

"No! you don't give a child a match box to play with and not expect fire."


"Either you do or you do sister. No way out!"

"This isn't fair"

"You two are actually dating now?" ignoring her last statement.

"That is not important!"

"Its all that is important. Now we are all starving and the food is getting cold."

Precious hooked a hand to hers and pulled her to the dining.

They were seated waiting on them when they walked in.

There was a bench manning one side of the dinning in well polished black and four other chairs spread on the other three sides. She took to the bench and sat in the middle that way giving no room to someone else to join her.

"I'd sit anywhere far from you."

Su Yan smiled at her in return. Either way it was going to be just the two of them soon. She couldn't stay far enough even if she wanted to.

"Try hard." precious reached for the white bowl that held the food and dished for everyone

"Shut up!"

"The two of you are the prefect pair." Woo Jin collected his plate from precious.

"You too really? It was three against one and she felt like screaming.

"I'm just happy for my friend."

"Of course you are."

She had never stayed in a house alone with a man before. Especially one who looked like Su Yan.

For two weeks!

She had to find a way to leave, one way or another she would find a way to leave.

"Don't even think about it" Su Yan voice cut into her thoughts.


"I know you are thinking of leaving. I can literally hear your brain working."

She threw her nose in the air and put food in her mouth. "This taste awful, what a bad cook you are."

"Hey, what did my food do to you?"

She put more food in her mouth ignoring her friends remark.

She ate more than she normally would and she did so on purpose as she ignored all three of them through out dinner.

"OK I am leaving." Precious announced after everyones plate was cleared.

"So am I. I'd drop you off." Woo Jin offered as he carried a bag that contained some of his things.

"Thank you."

Tale stood with her hands crossed over her chest staring at her best friend conniving face.

"Can't I go get my clothes at home at least?"

"I packed you a bag."

"My job, my–"

"Your job? Really?"

"Don't give me that tone." She had only missed day of work but to her it felt like forever. Which was a sad realization but she hadn't taken an excuse or a leave. She was worried.

Precious looked at her face and saw genuine worry and decided she had had a pretty rough weekend. "I called your office and told them everything. And also you were given two weeks break as I also told them the doctor said you need to be off your feet."

She should have known.

She was surprised at how well they really planned her out.

"Good night. See you when I see you and do rest. Please" she whispered that as she hugged her and that made her melt.

It wouldn't hurt to actually just rest would it?

With that they were out the door.

It was her now and Su Yan in his big beautiful house. She could feel his eyes on her back, grateful that she was wearing a shirt that covered her behind, but she didn't want to face him so she stood facing the door that had just been shut.

Appreciating the beautiful red wood it was made of.

She laughed at herself for thinking about his door in a moment like this.

She had no words for him, not because she was angry, god knows she wasn't. But today had truly been a long day.
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    《Love, Tale》