Love, Tale
56 How dare you waltz into my life...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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56 How dare you waltz into my life...

...She raised the receiver to her ear.


"Oh, I'm sorry. I must have the wrong number. I'm calling Su Yan residence right?"

She was dazed, she took in the masculine beauty of the room. A black antique oak chest of drawers, the solid blue walls and white curtains, a thriving pot of white roses probably put there for her to see in front of the window. And the black beautiful slides of doors with a magnificent gold handle that no doubt led to walk in closet.

Su Yan bedroom.

"Ah…" she moved to the edge of the bed rubbing a hand over her face, cool sheets slipped down her waist. "This is his residence."

"Oh, he must have gotten a housekeeper. He must be out in the town. If he comes back do tell him miss Ziyi called. Bye now."

Before she was fully awake, she stared at the receiver in her hand before slamming the phone down and getting up. She steadied herself before taking a step.

He had the guts to bring her to his house, in his bed without her consent and even worse he has some chick calling him the side.

Barely hours after been his girlfriend and he already has another girl in his life. The asshole. All men were the same she should have known better by now.

Riding on righteous anger she opened the door and stepped out into a magnificent hallway. She tore her eyes away from the beauty of his house as she found the stairs and stomped down.

"Su Yan! Show your ugly face now!"

He walked out to the sitting room and into the lobby where she stood.

"I thought you would sleep a little longer."

"Oh I bet you did!"

"Common, dinner is ready." he talked as he walked back heading to the kitchen.

"Like hell I'm going to eat anything you cook." she rounded him and came to stand in his way, she wanted to give him a piece of her mind she walked back enough to try to make eye contact.

"How dare you!"

He was expecting this so he tried his best to keep the gleam out of his eyes.

"How dare you" she repeated "How dare you waltz into my life the way you did, do all the things you did, say all you said and have another woman on the side. Who the hell do you think you are?"

"OK what?" He was expecting the run down of how he had brought her to his home without her notice.

"And even worse, you kidnap me! I agree to be your girlfriend and you kidnap me!"

OK that he can understand.

"I am calling the police. I'm sure your girlfriend Ziyi would appreciate seeing you behind bars and while you're at it, tell her I'm not your goddamn house keeper, you hear me!"

She searched her body for her phone and found nothing.

"Where is my phone?"

He nodded as he finally understood her outburst "Ziyi called?"

She eyed him narrowly as she bunched her fist and and hit his belly. Her hand hurt more as it was like hitting a rock.

He rubbed the spot more in surprise than discomfort.

"I'm guessing the phone woke you up and it was Ziyi that called."

She was furious but her hair standing up in all directions didn't help her case as he was tempted to laugh.

"How did you expect to get away with telling her I'm your housekeeper?"

"I have told her no such thing and also Ziyi is my sister. My twin sister. Zhang Ziyi."

"How original. You are taking me home now!"

"It is the truth."

She saw his face and the realization that he was saying the truth set in.

She cursed and pinched herself.

"OK, I apologize for that, I don't jump to conclusions like this. I was sleeping when she called and she didn't give me a chance to talk." she looked up still frowning.

"That's very much my twin sister."

Remembering she was still in his house she started, refusing to accept that she was already jealous.

"Your sister or not you have no right whatsoever to kidnap me. Take me home now!"


"What do you mean no! I can't stay in your house."

"You can and you will, i have to take care of you."

"I didn't sign to that."

He smiled at her wit and stubbornness, he was going to enjoy every min of it. "Precious did and consider it a vacation"


He watched her face as realization set in. "You should sit down."

"Don't talk to me!"

"You are really cute when you are bossy."

She frowned at him.

"Still cute."

She could do and say all she wanted to, he wasn't letting her go anywhere. He was going to make sure she was well taken care of, and he was doing it himself.

"I just made dinner. Precious helped though" he said with a smug look.

"Precious!" she yelled out.

Precious and Woo Jin walked out of their hiding spot where they have been eavesdropping.

"Yes, present. And i did most of the cooking."

Su Yan placed a hand over his heart, mimicking one who was hurt.

"You are in on this? Why?" she dragged her friend aside.

"We should get the table ready for dinner." Su Yan took his friend to the dining room.

"Oh wait" he walked to her and bent to place a kiss on her cheek. "Don't be long."

He was smooth, she'd give him that.

Woo Jin and Precious exchanged glances smiling...
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    《Love, Tale》