Love, Tale
55 I feel cheated...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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55 I feel cheated...

...She was so beautiful and finally his.

It was only when he had packed and carried her bag into the house did he come for her.

She was asleep as he undid her seat belt and stirred a little when he touched her.

She was half asleep now.

"We are here"

"Where?" her voice sleepy. The effects of the drugs settled in.


"OK, but you don't have my key" she was still half asleep.

"Precious is here"

"OK, that's true."

"Common" he place a hand under her and lifted her off the seat, closing the door with his leg. She nestled into him and found comfort against his hard body as he carried her into the house.

Precious mouthed welcome to him as he entered the house.

He nodded in response.

He took the stairs to his room as he laid her on his bed grateful that she felt nothing. She looked smaller in his king sized bed. He covered her up and set the air condition on medium before looking down at her. He pushed some strands of hair that had escaped the bun at her neck, gave her a cheeky kiss and left the room.

Oh the tantrum she would throw when she finds out its his house she was in and in his bed. And even worse that her best friend had been in on the plan.

He smiled as he knew it would be worth it.

He would not have it any other way.

"How is she doing?" precious asked him once he got to the landing of the stairs. She may be angry at her friend but she knew her intentions for hiding her been sick was good. Not smart but good. Tale wouldn't have someone worry over her to save her life.

"She's definitely better" Su Yan appreciated her concern. She was true to her friendship and he admired it.

Even woo jin had been thrown in the mix.

"Well dinner is almost ready and we really need to have out stomach full before she throws her tantrum"

He nodded and smiled, looking forward to it.

Precious walked into the kitchen and Su Yan was close behind her. She had tried her best to hide her shock at how good his house looked, it was masculine but still looked like a pretty penny was spent.

"What are you doing?" Precious turned to him.

"You are in my house, it will be rude of me to let you cook alone. Although I need to add that I really suck at cooking."

Precious smiled looking up at him "You need to sleep too, you barely had a shut eye these past two days"

"I will sleep tonight"

"I highly doubt that" she winked at him before turning to the stove to continue with her cooking.

She was making shrimp fried rice tonight.

Woo jin stepped in then and precious pretended not to notice.

"So really what is the plan now"

"Dinner!!!" they answered him in unison.

He looked defeated as he was about to be chased out of his own bed and house. He felt completely helpless though but he was now rooting for his friend. Su Yan had been genuinely worried about Tale and it was almost unbearable as he couldn't do anything to ease his friends worry. But kicking him out if his own house wasn't were he thought it would lead.

"I feel cheated"

"Staying in the best hotel and resort in the country for two weeks? That is a vacation"

His eyes narrowed on Su Yan as he said it

"And beside, when she wakes up and realize what we have done, you would be happy to be kicked out of your house" Precious said as she busied herself with some carrots.

"Let me do that" Su Yan took the carrots from her as well as the chopping board.

"So I guess I should be leaping for joy."

Precious turned to him then "Exactly! Now I need to chop some onions and you are my guy"

"Absolutely not"

"Absolutely yes" she dragged him to the counter as she handed him a knife and a large white onion.

The three of them busied themselves with the food, talking and laughing as they did.

She opened her eyes lazily as she tried to stretch her hand to the direction a phone was ringing. When her hand didn't reach it she was awakened as she recalled she didn't have a landline phone.

The ringing started again and she picked, still in a confused state as she looked around the room, panic settling in as she didn't know how she got here.

She raised the receiver to her ear.

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    《Love, Tale》