Love, Tale
54 You can keep the flowers...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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54 You can keep the flowers...

...Now she was embarrassed..

He led her to the bed then. "I want to take care of you tale"

"I can take care of myself" she looked down at her hands.

"I know you can" he took her hands and was smiling now and that eased her a bit "We have to compromise now don't we"


"I'm asking you to think of me, and to accept that I want you to be a part of my life as you let me be a part of yours. I'm asking you to turn to me for the little things as well as the big things"

Because that didn't sound so hard she replied "I can try." She still tasted him on her lips.

"Su Yan I didn't mean to... What I'm saying is I don't like to hurt those I care about or have them worry about me."

"I know you don't darling" he smiled more when she leaned into him "It's one of the things I like about you and why I was definitely going to ask you out tonight."

He felt her tense. "Relax Tale"

"Are you really ready to take our friendship to the next level?"

He turned her face to look at him. He badly wanted to kiss her again, her lips appeared a bit fuller. "Yes I am, absolutely sure and I am pulling you with me if the need be."

"You really don't know how to ask a girl out do you? And FYI, I hate the way you fight"

"How do you think I got my scar."

She reached out and touched it now. Her heart was racing and her head felt a little light, she didn't fell any pain anymore and even if she had taken her meds and rested for a good two days, she knew he had a part to play in it.

"Not the date you imagined is it. I'm sorry."

She smiled.

His face now held the usual calm she was used to.

"My answer is yes."

"I am honored" he let out air he didn't know he was holding inside for a while.

She gave him a weak laugh as he walked to pluck out a rose from the bunch he had gotten her and handed it to her

"Well, isn't that just perfect" she smoothened her hospital gown then.

"Oh don't worry, you still look beautiful to me." He kissed her forehead and placed a gentle one on her lips.

"So how are you feeling?"

She laughed at him. "Really? Now you ask me?" She linked her hands at the back of his neck leaning closer.

He wasn't thinking anymore, he leaned closer looking forward to kissing her again. She withdrew putting the rose in her hand in between them.

"That's unfair"

"Serves you right"

They were both laughing when a knock sounded on the door. Her doctor came in as they separated.

"How is my favorite patient doing?"

"I am feeling OK." she stood up to prove it.

"I have good news, you would be going home tonight but your drugs will be continued for the next three days."

She hated drugs but she wouldn't dare say a thing now "Yes sir."

"Great" he said with a practice smile. "I would have the nurse be with you soon. And you would be coming back for a follow up check in two weeks."

"Thank you"

"And one final advice, try not to stress a lot because your blood pressure is high for a girl your age and your weight is the complete opposite. Eat well and get enough rest OK"

"She most definitely will" Su Yan replied in her stead.

Her nurse walked in at that time.

"I'd be outside waiting on you" he placed a kiss atop her head and walked out to wait.

"Oh, OK"

"And I would be seeing you alive and very healthy in two weeks time"

"Thank you doctor."

Once they both stepped out she turned to her nurse. She realized she was there to help her change.

"You don't need to help me change, i can--"

"I'm assigned to you, I'm just doing my job."

"In that case." She dropped the rose she was holding and walked to the bathroom to shower.

She was done and her nurse helped her into the clothes precious had brought for her

"Thank you so much"

"No mention at all. I loved working for you. And a bonus, your boyfriend is really handsome"

She smiled. He was her boyfriend now, no need to deny that.

"Lucky me"

"You really are. He's been worried like a man waiting on his wife to come out from the labour room"

She didn't know that and was happy for that information. "Thank you"

"Welcome ma"

The nurse held the small bag that her clothes had been in as well as the flower Su Yan had gotten her, Su Yan held her hand and held a packet of her medicine in his free hand as they walked out of the hospital and to the parking lot.

"You can keep the flowers." she told the nurse saving the single rose Su Yan had handed to her. "Thank you again."

The lady smiled and thanked them both before turning on her heels and disappearing into the hospital.

They drove a good distance before she fell asleep again.

He smiled looking at her.

She was so beautiful and finally his.
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    《Love, Tale》