Love, Tale
52 It“s time to take your dose of reality...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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52 It“s time to take your dose of reality...

..She nodded as she didn't trust herself to speak.

Su Yan was by her side in a minute as he helped her stand up. If he was angry at her, it didn't show.

She was put in a wheelchair and rolled out by the nurse.

He still said nothing to her as he walked them to the door, opening it for her.

When they got out that she noticed she was in a room on the VIP swing.

"What am I doing in a VIP room?"

"Your boyfriend"

"I don't have a boyfriend" she replied the nurse.

"If I were you, i'd make sure he doesn't slip away."

She saw now the lady talked about Su Yan and she shook her head. If he was trying to make her feel bad, it was working on a very high level.

They completed the test for her as easy as possible and she was taken back to her room. She got her medication and ate the food they served her.

She was sure it tasted good but she didn't have the appetite to really eat and her mouth had lost it sense of taste but under the stares of her best friend and Su Yan she tried to force herself to eat as much as she could.

She wanted to ask about her job, to know if anyone called her office but she dared not.

Few moments later, she was asleep again.

And that was how that day went for her.

* * * *

She opened her eyes and saw Su Yan and her friend laying on a couch close to her. She was wearing a different hospital gown from yesterday and a drip was attached to her left hand.

She moved a little trying to ease her back when they both jerked up scaring her.

"Oh good you are alive"

"What time is it, she needed to know how long she had been out" her job was on her mind out of habit.

"12 noon"

"I missed work, i have to call my boss" she started to stand when Su Yan held her back, he only needed to look at the bed for her to relax back.

"I need to call my boss" she continued

"That is what you are worried about?" he spoke with anger in his voice.

"Do you mind her, let's let her be till she gets back on her feet. Then I will definitely tear you a new one"

"What is wrong with the both of you?" she would say more but she felt her eyes would water and wouldn't want that.

"I'd go get a something for us to eat" Su Yan was talking to precious now.

"I'll be waiting" once the door closed Precious turned to her friend then.

"I'm fine, just like I said before"

"Oh are you now, are you really fine?"

"Don't you yell at me" she was getting back to herself now.

"I've waited all night to yell at you, you selfish idiot"

"Excuse me! You take that back"

"I will do no such thing"

"What happened to waiting till I got back on my feet to tear me a new one."

"Don't you dare pull that tone with me"

"So you are saying, it would have been completely selfless of me to complain and whine about it and make everyone worry"

"Make everyone worry? Are you even hearing yourself? We are worried! Look at me, look at Su Yan, the poor guy didn't have a good night sleep in two days because of you."

"It was just an ulcer, she defended"

"One you didn't treat. You could have seen a doctor, done something, but no, I guess you didn't plan for that"

"I told you about it!" she managed to stand up from her bed now, her body ached from just lying down.

"No! You downplayed it!"

"Leave me alone"

"Like hell I would. It is time to take your dose of reality"

"Get off my back" she would match her best friends voice decibel for decibel but she was tired and guilt held her guts

"Oh great, more yelling" she thought as Su Yan entered the room carrying some snacks he had gotten for precious.

"I'd go home now" Precious said more to Su Yan than to her.

"See you later" and with that she was out the door.
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    《Love, Tale》