Love, Tale
49 you and me both...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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49 you and me both...

...Nobody sends his woman to work, not even him.

It was Thursday when she decided to go shopping for a new dress to wear for her date with Su Yan. She thought of the dress her siblings had gifted her for Christmas but that seemed too thirsty to her right now.

She was feeling particularly happy.

"So you wrote a resignation letter" Precious was smiling from ear to ear in the cab they took to the mall.

"Yes, i hope to submit it latest by Monday next week. Two weeks notice isn't bad i hope. I am scared i won't lie about that. I mean i have nothing else doing. I'm not wealthy that i can just buy an island and retire there"

"No wonder you've been happy a lot these days, well that and a certain someone" they were stopped at traffic light"

"Did you listen to me?"

"No ma'am"


"OK, relax I'm certain you will figure it out"

"Wow, all my worries just melted away"

"I'm in a happy mood so I'd let that slide and say shut up"

"That slid off pretty good"

"You are paying" Tale announced before exiting the taxi that was now parked in front of the A mall.


"So how are you going to break the news to your parents" they walked into the mall.

"I was thinking, candle light dinner and stuffs"

"Common be serious" they entered the lift to the third floor that held all the fashion boutiques in the mall.

"I am definitely going to tell them, not sure how yet"

"I can only imagine how pissed they are going to be"

"I hope not so much and not for long"

"They will definitely come around, 4 years, 6. It's only a matter of time"

"Welcome, please all bags should be dropped at the door" the security man at the door announced like he was a robot.

They dropped their bags as they took their purses out

"There's so much bad things in the world today, I'm sure your parents can forgive you quitting your job to get on to the next phase of your life"

"Can I record what you just said so I'd just play it for them when we eventually have this talk"

Precious laughed at her friends Witt. "Let's talk about something more serious. What are you wearing on your date?"

They were in F4fashion, an exclusive fashion shop that made clothes only from Ankara(1) fabric. She decided last minute she would not wear a ready made dress (2).

The sales attendant that looked to be in her mid thirties was super nice to them both.

They told her what the occasion was and She took them to a section that held cocktail dresses from mini length to floor length gowns.

Different beautiful prints shone some where embellished with swakroski and she decides on trying four completely different styles.

She dragged precious into the changing room excited about having new clothes and now looking forward to the weekend.

"Start with the mini dress." Precious was sure her friend will go with that so she decided to cut the process short.

"We do think alike sometimes" she liked the mini one too. It was a pink and yellow print and on a white background color. The designs on it where large but she loved it more. The neck was plunged to the waist in front, she knew she could get away with wearing it as she had no boobs to show, the neck was lined with stones of silver but shone in different colors as she moved. It was gathered at the waist and heavily lined to create an illusion of a wider hip, she liked it already. She slipped it on and found the length a perfect tease. It was short.

"Ohhh, perfect" precious exclaimed.

"I know right" she turned around to check the back. The back was equally stoned and the silver zipper added to the charm. She was sold.

"Let's go, this is it.."

She packed up the rest of the clothes out of the changing room.

"I love this and the fit is fabulous."

"We are definitely pleased, we will have it wrapped and packed, it comes with a free head wrap" the lady told her.

"Well she needs to tame her mane" precious replied as she touched her friends hair.

"I need a hair cut"



Tale looked at the two women in front of her"

"Don't you ever do that"

"Exactly, i would be lucky to have a hair like yours" the store attendant contributed.

"Just a trim" she defended.

"I would volunteer to help you style it in a good way." the woman chipped in again. Tale read her tag and saw her name was Esther.

"Woo, OK I'm down. Thank you Esther."

Esther smiled in return.

She always either packed her hair or let it loose. She never styled it or used more than a conditioner or shampoo.

They left the shop later with the dress she picked and Esther's phone number. She decided to go all out on this date.

They walked into the mart of the mall.

"I'm in the mood for ice cream"

"You and me both"

The memory of meeting Su Yan hit her as they walked to the fridge

"What are you doing?



"English please!"

"Your face"

"This is where i and Su Yan met."

"I can see that"

She laughed. "That obvious right? Which flavor?"


"Always strange. Vanilla is the best"

"Speak do yourself"
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    《Love, Tale》