Love, Tale
48 ...the two of you making babies yet?
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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48 ...the two of you making babies yet?

...He decided to take Woo Jin advice and go old school and simple...

He was sure of his feelings now, he had never felt like this for anyone in all his life. Whether he liked her, or even loved her, he was going to take a step forward. He wanted something more, a whole lot more.

He wanted her, dreamt of her.

"I know there's something on your mind, not sure if its good or bad but you look cute when you frown like that" she tiptoed to smoothing his forehead.

It was always the simple things that she did. Always.

"How about the two of us go on an actual date, no I'm asking you on a date." he rushed the words out like they burned his tongue.

"How about I think about it for a while and get back to you" she looked down from his face to hide her excitement.

She couldn't wait to see what happens next with them, how far they go together. She had so much to share with him already once she quits her job which she remembered she hadn't told her friend yet.

"Take your time, but you have till Friday to make up your mind" he replied as he lifted her face to look into her eyes. He knew asking her out to a date was only a prelude to what he wanted from her.

"So much for choices. Yes"

"Like yes an answer or Yes you will deliver by Friday"

"I just delivered" she smiled brightly under the light.

He smiled brushing a finger lightly on her bottom lip as her hair covered a part of her face, her curls had gotten longer and went a little bit past her shoulders and he liked it more.

"I cant wait" as he finally agreed she was the most beautiful woman he would ever meet. He didn't want to keep his feelings for her a secret anymore, he just didn't. He had made a few advances but now was time to take an actual stand.

"I cant wait" she copied.

He finally pulled her into a hug. He was going to kiss her but four more days wasn't going to kill him he hoped.

"The two of you making babies yet?" Precious called from the other side of the door.

"5 more minutes" Su Yan replied riding on same tone as Precious as he released her from his hands.

"Let's go" they walked out holding hands as they met up with Woo Jin and Precious.

The both women stood outside waving them as they drove out of sight.

"What were you doing with Woo Jin. Did you get to third base?"

"We were going to, but we didn't have protection."

Tale laughed as they both went into the house for the night.

"You lucky bastard" Woo Jin was saving his speech for later, this was later. He just wasn't talking about her beautiful body and the figure he could outline in the outfit she had worn. The woman was blessed and he could say same for her friend as well.

Su Yan smiled in return not taking his eye off the road. "I know right"

Woo Jin switched to Chinese. "She's amazing and a good cook" he had actually enjoyed the meal she prepared. The chicken peppersoup was delicious and he loved it more than the Onunu she made. "I can see why you are taken" he finished.

"No you can't" he knew there was a lot he was yet to find out about her and Woo Jin wasn't close enough. "There's more beautiful sides to her" he loved the truth in that statement. How did he get lucky? He asked himself.

"You have to tell someone in your family. This is truly a love you will fight for" The Zhang family was like royalty, and Su Yan was in line to inherit everything, his choice in partner wasn't going to be a walk in the park.

Su Yan didn't reply his friend, he was going to introduce her to Angel first and the rest of the family much later. They loved him and he knew that, he prayed they will extend that to Tale. Same way her family had welcomed him to their home.

His family wasn't easy but their intentions were good. They stood by him in getting rid of Yang Mi after she had become violent with him. When she blamed him for it, they made sure she had no voice to speak against him after it all.

They hadn't been in support of him ending things with Yang Mi in the first place for they saw them as the perfect match, made in heaven. In the early years of their relationship he saw her as heaven sent, little did he know she wasn't sent from heaven as much as she was kicked out heaven.

He desperately wanted to take things with Tale one step at a time. Different worlds just don't become one in a day, it takes time and commitment and he signed up for that from the first day he met her.

She was a dream come to life, a dream he didn't know he had and the reality was even more interesting to wake up to.

Su Yan told his friend of his next step with Tale as they pulled into their estate.

"I'm sold on the two of you, whatever you need. As long as she keeps cooking meals that tastes as good as tonight."

Su Yan gave him a side eye like he was crazy.

Nobody sends his woman to work, not even him.
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    《Love, Tale》