Love, Tale
47 Dreams she didn“t know she had...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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47 Dreams she didn“t know she had...

...Dreams she didn't know she had, that was the good part.

They looked good and Su Yan even better. Su Yan had not covered his scar this time, his hair was swept back roughly but it looked good and black always made him look great.

He on the other hand thought she looked better than the last time. He didn't remove his eyes from her face until they both stepped in.

"Hello" she said in Chinese startling both men as she did.

"Well that's all I can say right now, do come in" she smiled closing the door and turning to them.

He couldn't be more impressed but she proved him wrong, he replied her in Chinese for the sake of it and he saw her light up. He tried to picture himself learning her language too in his head.

"Woo Jin, thank you so much for honoring my invitation. I didn't know if you were going to actually make it"

"I didn't have much choice" he joked. He was impressed at how beautiful her house was, she made use of her space well enough and one could see she appreciated beauty.

"OK, I'm hungry enough let's do this" precious stepped out bundling her hair with a scrunchy she took off tales dresser. She went with a blue gown that carved out her body well enough.

A surprised Tale looked at her friend cos she always did her best to hide her figure but why tonight?

Precious ignored her as she took to greeting their guests,

"You look great precious" Su Yan complimented her

"I know you only see one person in this room but I will take that compliment and say thank you."

She walked to Woo Jin and tale smiled for she knew the poor man was in for it tonight with her friend.

"Woo jin please sit down, Precious kitchen now!"

"No i'd help you instead,

"Can I ever like you any less" a happy precious lifted her shoulders as she led Woo Jin to the dinning table

"We'd see" Su Yan replied as he took a confused tale to the kitchen

Tale couldn't help but smile, she had no words for what was happening. Precious had hated Chris, her ex, from the beginning, but with Su Yan she might as well bundle her up to the man for a cold bottle of water.

The four of them sat down to dinner once the table was set by Su Yan, he filled her glass with water and his too.

"I guess we are on our own right Jin"

"I never saw it any other way" he replied as he did same for her and himself.

"Will you all stop, I should be doing the serving" tale protested

"Who told you that"

"Seriously, OK what are we eating?" she asked him

"Nigerian food"

"There's like 100 different kind"

"The kind that is in the plate" he said pointing to the white plate that held their food.

Her eyes narrowed before she laughed

"So getting married soon" precious butted in as she took to serving everyone.

The both women couldn't hold back a laugh when Su Yan took a bite without asking. Woo jin on the other hand wasn't sure he wanted to take that risk.

"Are you hungry or not curious?"

"Both" he replied as he really tasted the food. He liked it.

"If you don't think you are OK with eating this I have…"

"He will eat it" Su Yan replied. He didn't want her stressing herself over anything anymore.

"Don't be rude" she turned to woo jin "why don't you try a bite, if you don't like it I promise I would surprise you" this was her first time really meeting him and she was certain he wasn't as open minded as Su Yan.

"She aims to please" precious added. Tale knew the underlying meaning to what her friend said and kicked her under the table.

Woo jin complied as he took a bite too, he found he liked it too, and the beef peppersoup was mildly spiced, he appreciated the effort she put into making it coz he knew Nigerian food always come heavily spiced.

Tale finally faced her food as Precious asked Woo Jin questions about what he did and how he found the country since he moved.

He knew his friend hadn't come open to Tale about his life so he touched the surface on what he did without lying to them.

Tale found him interesting, he was equally handsome, wasn't as tall as Su Yan but he had a charming smile when he gave up his frown, he was definitely familiar with the gym, a lot.

"Why don't we give you two some room" precious announced when their plates were cleared.

She gave Woo Jin a look that said it was their cue to leave them both in the house as they both stepped out into the breezy night air.

Su Yan who had been ready to go decided to use the opportunity to ask her to a date.

He had been worried on the best way possible to ask her and couldn't come up with anything that suited what the word "worthy" meant to him.

He decided to take Woo Jin advice and go old school and simple.
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    《Love, Tale》