Love, Tale
46 I“m over him, he looks like trouble anyways
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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46 I“m over him, he looks like trouble anyways

...He would never take her presence in his life for granted.


It was a brand new week and living with precious was more fun than she realized. They found out how to work around timing because her house had just one bathroom. They both had jobs that they go early for and working out bathroom schedule was important. Everything else just fell into place.

"What do you think we should do tonight? For dinner?" Tale asked on a warm Tuesday evening.

"You mean asides eating food?" precious asked not looking up from a pile of test scripts she was scoring.

"No I meant asides dancing on stage during Coachella with our tops off"

"Yass! We are going to light up that stage!" Precious replied still not looking up from her pile of work.

They understood each other well enough as they laughed at the joke.

"Maybe I should call Su Yan, to come over"

"I was thinking we were going to kidnap him and force him to have dinner with us"

"I'm inviting his friend too" Tale continued like she didn't hear her.

Precious looked up then, she looked like she was thinking for a bit

"Who are you and what have you done with my best friend. Its Tuesday and you want to have boys over"

"Just for dinner, and remember you needed help with his friend"

"I'm over him, he looks like trouble anyway"

"Your kind of trouble"

"Please! Respect!" precious signaled with her hand like she was trying to push someone away gently

"I'm calling him" she walked into her room to make the call

"OK now we have company, all we need is food" tale walked out 10 minutes later to announce

"You invited someone over for imaginary dinner"

"What should we cook? You could be a little more interested in this too as you've not had anything to eat I'm sure"

"Fine! Lets order in"

"No way, we are cooking. Lets show them what a good Nigerian meal taste like"

"Yes, we can also order that"

"No way, home made. We have so much food stock at home"

"I won't tell if you wont"


Su Yan dropped the call and made a U turn at the next turn

"What is happening?"

"We've been invited over for dinner at Tales" they were on their way to Orange for the evening.

He had ordered ahead and was in serious mood for Chinese food. They both were, but far be it from him to pass up an opportunity to see her.

"I never knew it was so easy to change your mind. What happens to the food we ordered"

"It's not a problem" cutting his friend off, he placed a call to the head chef to have the food sent to their apartment.

"So we're are we going now"

"Home to change" he was still in his work clothes and knew she wouldn't mind but he did.

Woo jin had a long day following his friend around the site, he didn't have the strength to argue. And she had personally invited him too, he couldn't refuse. More time for him to truly see what she was like up close.

Tale cooked and boiled and prepped, praying she didn't go overboard with everything.

Precious finally got tired of her students bad scores and gave up on that front, turning to helping her friend in the kitchen who was preparing Onunu(1) and Chicken Peppersoup (2).

It was a food eaten and cherished by the south south people of the country, made from over ripe plantain and pounded well with little boiled yam. It could be eaten with anything from palm oil to stew or soup like she was doing tonight.

"Wow, you are going all out, can they eat this?"

"No worries, I think Su Yan might be able to eat it, not sure about his friend though but if not" she opened a pot to reveal pasta and some stew she had managed to cook up with the least possible salt.

"I want that" she received a slap on her hand as she went for a spoon

"No you don't, you my dear lady are eating local tonight and that is it"

"What a host you are"

The two men came in the nick of time as they finished dressing up.

She felt a bit nervous, maybe because she was clearly trying to put in an effort into seeing where things would lead for both she and Su Yan.

She ran to go open the door as Precious was making last minute fuss over what she chose to wear. She had gone simple like she usually did, she wore her favorite jean short and a Tshirt, her hair was loosely packed at the nape of her neck. She opened the door after giving her hair a last minute touch.

If anyone had ever told her she would be having dinner with two good looking foreigners in her own home about a year ago, she would have scoffed and asked the person go see a psychiatrist.

Dreams she didn't know she had, that was the good part.
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    《Love, Tale》