Love, Tale
45 how do you know she“s simple?
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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45 how do you know she“s simple?


"Just temporarily" Precious replied as she took a seat.

"Oh wow. Are you for real right now? Because of a little chest pain you saw last night?"

"No, because I am having a little issue with accommodation" she replied looking down.

"What? Since when? And you didn't bother to tell me" she was surprised Precious could hide something like that from her but she wasn't any better so she killed her temper"

"It happened all of a sudden and don't go using that tone on me, you are no better either, you have been sick and you told no one. I thought we had something special"

Tale who had been trying to keep a straight face bust out laughing.

"I'm not mad I'm just surprised you didn't tell me something like this and besides I am not sick, I have been taking my meds and will be fine"

"Of course you will, but I need to ask officially. Can I stay here till I get my own place?"

She then proceeded to telling her friend why she was moving out of her old place.

"Well I hear you, you would have to wait for two to seven business days for me to decide if I want to have you around"

"You ain't gonna do that"

"Yen Yen but you are making dinner tonight to celebrate"

"You should be the one celebrating me"

"Can't hear you" Tale said walking to the kitchen.

Su Yan went over 70 scenarios of how he was going to ask Tale to be his and none seemed to be near perfect as he wanted it to be. He was considering calling Precious for help but realized he didn't have her number.

He knew she liked food, nature, actually she liked a lot of things but those things were as simple as they come and he didn't do simple.

With Yang Mi he had hired the very best of the best dancers to do a little show just for her, he had given a diamond jewelry that she proudly wore about her neck. Granted he was only 17 at the time but money was available. Now he was 29, he should do better he thought.

Woo jin didn't need a witch to tell him something was bothering his friend, he had always thought he was lacking in expressing his feelings if he had any but now one could almost read Su Yan like a book especially if it concerned Tale.

"Whats on your mind now?

He tried to be concerned. Woo Jin had secretly did a background check on Tale and he was going to keep that secret till he died for Su Yan would kill him for doing so behind his back.

He found out that Tale was as simple and pure as they come. The girl probably didn't have a bad bone in her body. Not the kind of woman he was surrounded by back at home but good things do come in different packages.

Su Yan told woo jin all he was trying to do and how he didn't know what to do about it.

"She's a simple girl, why all the fuss?"

"How do you know she is simple"

He forgot how smart Su Yan was

"Well for one she hasn't asked you for the world" he thought fast

"But she deserves it."

"You are really hooked aren't you?

"Tell me what to do?"

"Why me?" really why him. Woo Jin wouldn't be in a relationship to save his life, he loved women, treated them good, what they gave, he tried to match, but has never committed to one. He was 30 and the number four top bachelor in all of China.

"Because I know you ran a background check on her" he switched to speaking Chinese now

When it looked like woo jin had lost his voice, he spoke up then "Don't worry, I know if you found something bad you would have told me, I'm glad you have seen all you think there is and can now give your full support"

Woo jin looked like this was a train that wasn't heading his way but he had to be on it whether he liked it or not.

"Well if you think me worthy enough to give you an advice on this, I'd keep it old school. Just ask"

"Just ask? What do you think I am, a cave man?"

His phone rang then and a grateful Woo Jin escaped to the kitchen.

He could hear is friend talking lightly and knew it was Tale. She was telling him about how her day had been with precious now living with her, she was so detailed about it all and for the next two hours the both of them went back and forth on how their day went.
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    《Love, Tale》