Love, Tale
43 It is for the better...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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43 It is for the better...

...Not now, god please not now she prayed silently.

They pulled up silently in front of her apartment. He got round to open the door for her, she was getting used to it now. Who wouldn't

She was grateful for the dark as it shielded her face a little from him. He would definitely notice and she wasn't up to it.

"Thank you for dinner, you've saved me some money" she joked.

"I'm glad I could help." He thought his life was complete before her, he was the one to be grateful.

Precious must have been eavesdropping for her voice came through the door.

"What are you two doing, kiss goodnight"

They both smiled as Tale wondered what she would really do with her friend.

Honestly if she could steal a kiss she would but when he towered over her the way he did, giving a spontaneous kiss was almost impossible.

"Work tomorrow, good night" she needed to leave his sight now. She gave him a hug, sank in and withdrew almost immediately.

"How was it?"

"It was good, great in fact but let me hit the shower i'd be right back"

"Take your time" she gave her friend a wink

"It's not like that, be right back" she rushed to her handbag the minute she got to her room and dug out her pills. She would get the Gestid the pharmacist had told her was her best option the day she went there, she promise.

She popped some into her mouth and chewed then decided to take her bath. Precious would notice and she wasn't about to have her jumping on her back.

She took her time in the shower as she replayed how the night had gone in her head.

Government Residential Area Phase One...

Su Yan noticed Woo Jin wasn't at home when he got back and could have up to twenty guesses where he might be, one thing is for sure, he wasn't in any form of danger.

He however was coming to grips with how he was feeling this days, once in his room he thought about how so much of him as changed since meeting Tale. Things he didn't use to care for now matter more, things he wouldn't naturally do, he found himself doing most.

Building roads isn't an easy job, but he knew that winning the heart of a simple minded girl like Tale was more difficult. She was the definition of a challenge, and how he loved every little victory couldn't be put so much in words.

She made him smile but he loved when she rewarded him with a smile of her own.

She was a bit annoying but even he has had is own fair share of driving her crazy.

She knew what she wanted but fear held her back, he preferred to look at it as she putting the choice of the people she loved into consideration. Something he always did see as weakness.

He undressed still thinking of her. He tried to compare her with the girls his family would approve of, the one he had before and promised himself never to do it again for a woman like Tale was one in million and he would be the bigger fool if he let her go.

Who lets go of something you can't buy but holds more value than all the riches of the world.

Cold water flowed from his hair to his torso as he was more than relieved with how his life has changed in the past few months.

Few minutes later after his shower, with a glass of whiskey in his hand he stood out in the open of his balcony landing as he decided he wanted to take what was between them to the next level.

He would formally ask her to be his. Though from two different worlds and even languages and cultures. They were going to be the best of both worlds, finding and exploring more about each other as they go along.

Forces avenue...

"You spent so much time already in the bathroom, tell me what did he give you? Twins?"

"You need to stop doing that" Tale felt better now, the drugs gave her a tingly feeling and she knew it had to be the drug working.

"You are glowing and I like it, well that and the fact that the old you would never have gone on a date on Thursday when you have work in the morning or any other day for that matter"

"I know right, I'm changing a lot"

"It is for the better"

The two ladies took a sit on her couch as she turned on the television that she rarely watched anyway.

She was beat but she knew she had to tell her friend about how the night had gone especially since Chris made an appearance and she did.

"You went to The Presidential?" Precious exclaimed as interest sparked in her eyes

"It was the perfect thing ever until Chris showed his face" then she proceeded to telling her friend how the night went including meeting the one and only Mr Nonso himself.

The two of them fell asleep sometime around midnight, cuddled up in between her couch and her TV.

Tale slept as she always did these days, with more peace in her heart that everything was going to be OK.

It had to be.
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    《Love, Tale》