Love, Tale
42 I love a girl with a little bite in her bark...
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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42 I love a girl with a little bite in her bark...

...She couldn't wait to spill the tea to Precious.

Once they had gotten out of Chris sight, she dropped the act.

"I am sorry I had to do that"

With their arms still linked. "I am not sorry at all. I love a girl with a little bite in her bark" He couldn't help but admire how she stood up for herself without going overboard.

"Who is he really?" Su Yan had guessed he might actually be an ex but he wanted to be as sure as the sun.

"We dated for a while, in school" he led her to the lift as she briefly told him how the relationship had been just a convenience she thought she needed. He could easily tell she had liked him but her feelings had been on a leash.

They came out to the landing of the 10th story of the building without her realizing as she had been talking the whole way up. But the décor of the foyer cut her words short. It was more than a breathtaking view.

Su Yan was totally outdoing himself.

A well dressed chaperon walked up to the two of them "The private lounge is ready for you Miss Tale."

She wasn't sure how to respond but she smiled sweetly to the man before turning to Su Yan

He knew she was going to worried about what he thought so he spoke up before she could.

"I know the owner, he owed me a favor or two" he gave her what he hoped to be his best smile as he said it as casual as possible.

Her eyes shone with uncertainty then realization. "So you are calling in that favour in exchange for dinner?"

"No I'm calling in that favor in exchange for dinner. With you" she looked up at him then. She didn't need to say another word for he could how happy she was.

"Thank you" she mouthed.

"It's your night. It's the least I could do for my fake girlfriend"

She laughed then for she had completely forgotten about seeing Chris again.

The two of them were escorted into the private lounge and Mr Nonso (1) had outdid himself.

Su Yan had only let him know of his arrival while he had gone to pack his car in the lot and wasn't expecting anything out of what the presidential could offer. But he saw now that he couldn't be more wrong.

They sat down and enjoyed a well candle lit dinner with the best service she had ever gotten in her life.

Everyone was polite and kind and she couldn't help but wonder what favor Mr Nonso could have owed Su Yan.

They enjoyed a night of each others company and for Su Yan it seemed like every time he spent with her was always better than their last.

Nothing will beat the first night though.

But on this particular night he could see she had a new light in her eyes, he wondered if it was a glimpse of how she felt being around him or maybe she was taken by the beauty around them.

Whatever it was it was becoming and he cherished it more.

They had only left the lounge when Mr Nonso came up to meet them himself.

Tale was taken at the sight of him. He was someone whose reputation precedes him. According to the popular gossip blogs in the state, he was the king of throwing parties, his last party had been so big he ran an opening for party guest to pay to attend that way filter the people he felt was not important enough.

The man in front of her looked like he read his bible every night and wouldn't be caught dead in a party hall let alone be the one topping the game in the southern region of the country.

He greeted her politely too and tale concluded it was a business thing but when he all but smiled at Su Yan and thanked him immensely for coming to his lounge she had to guess there was something more.

Or maybe it was the foreign thing. In Nigeria foreigners are most times treated with so much respect and care.

With a bottle of the best wine The Presidential

had, Tale concluded this night was right up there with one of the best nights of her young adult life.

They were ten minutes away from her house when the pain came in gently to her lower breastbone. She fought hard to ignore it.

She had completely forgotten about her health and had eaten all the overly spicy food over the holidays and topped it off with so much soft drinks.

Not now, god please not now she prayed silently.
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    《Love, Tale》