Love, Tale
41 stay in my past where you rightly belong..
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Love, Tale
Author :4ola_aina
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41 stay in my past where you rightly belong..

...She grabbed her purse filled it with her glasses before coming out.

OK maybe her friend wasn't a total jerk because she was able to see the look on his face when she came out. She captured it in her head and replayed. Precious gave her a knowing smile as she got close to them.

"You look breathtaking" she believed him for he had seized his breath when she stepped out

"Thank you, precious helped a little"

He turned to precious "What do I owe you? Anything"

"Well i'd let you know when I think about it. For now you two have a date to get to

"it's not a date" she protested

"it is" he countered

"it is?

He held out a hand to her, she took it as he led her out to his car. He would change the plan, he didn't want to take her to Orange anymore which was his plan since it was a casual date but she looked beautiful, gosh she was beautiful.

"What's wrong?" he was staring at her,

"You look beautiful" so different from when I saw you this morning but he spared her the last part of the statement.

She was beautiful? He was one of those guys you can never catch at a bad time. But she accepted his compliment. He was honest and she knew it.

When he drove in to the lot of The Presidential she didn't think that was where they were going to be hanging out. She had the movies in mind, or even a toy store.

"What are we doing here?"

"You don't like this place we can go anywhere else, just mention…"

"No I mean, this place is really expensive and I can guarantee we wouldn't be lucky like we were in Orange. I most definitely do not know the owner"

He smiled then as he helped her out of her seat belt. He would come clean to her, sooner than later.

'I'm sure it's alright. Trust me."

The owner of The Presidential was an acquaintance who had tried to be a friend but he hadn't been welcoming enough.

He knew he would get the best seat in the house without an itch which was what she deserved.

She trusted him, so she relaxed a bit. She was going to tell her siblings about this, mostly because she really was so happy to be there and also to rub it in their faces.

Tale was waiting on the huge steps of The Presidential.. She had pleaded with Su Yan on letting her take in the decor of the place and he agreed.

She had only started studying the magnificent vases when she heard a familiar voice from behind her.

"Tale? What are you doing here?"

Why now? Why? She turned to her ex, every trace of smile and joy vanished from her face.

"Guess you are not still happy to see me, where is your little fighter?" he asked looking around.

"Don't call her that" she defended precious

"I see. My apologies. What are you doing here?"

Su Yan chose that time to come meet her, he had gone to find a good spot for his car while she did her thing.

Su Yan wasn't sure what he felt but he knew he wasn't happy seeing her talk to someone else.

But he got closer and her face lit up at the sight of him and he forgot about how he felt.

"I am here with my boyfriend. We are celebrating our one year anniversary, tonight."

"you have a…"

"Hey baby." She cut him off as she grabbed Su Yan by his hand and hugged his waist .

She was good he'd give her that "Did you find a good spot?"

"Yes love, I did" he flowed with her.

She reached out to smoothing his shirt while still holding on to him.

"Baby this is Chris, someone I use to know. Chris this is my man and like I said it is our one year anniversary today" she repeated so Su Yan could get it.

He was liking the little play, he enjoyed been her pretend boyfriend for a minute and the one year anniversary he could see it been possible.

Chris who had been quiet and shocked spoke then. "it's nice to meet you" then he turned to Tale

"I never would have thought that a girl like you would land a guy like…"

Su Yan tensed and she placed a hand on his to keep him quiet.

She turned to her ex

"You must have missed it Chris coz you see, I never did give a damn what you thought and I most certainly don't care now either. This might be new information for you but I've moved on, a long time ago." She stepped right in front of him now.

"Have a good evening and do me a favor, don't ever call my number or text me again. Stay in my past, where you so rightly belong " she smiled as she turned back to Su Yan "Common baby, the VIP suite isn't going to celebrate itself" she hooked her hands through his as he led her into the majestic reception of The Presidential.

She spared one last look at Chris as she wished him a good life.

She couldn't wait to spill the tea to Precious.
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    《Love, Tale》